This is my Gripe at so called Gurus and their latest “nobody’s done it before” offer, my inbox is overflowing with repeat after repeat of so called oto’s (one time offers) and time limited offers. In fact a good percentage of these offers are just rehashed old products with a new name. But that being said there are some really great realistic offers out there; it’s just a case of sorting out the gems from the dross. You have to do your homework and think sensibly about the product on offer and ask yourself, how is it going to benefit me? What’s the cost involved and how easily and quickly will it produce profit?

Once you have answered all of the questions above and you still want to go ahead, Okay time to get a reality check! Unless you have deep pockets then you will have your work cut out. You need an edge over the competition and one good way to achieve this is by joining forces with other likeminded marketers. Joint ventures are a prime example of collaborating to gain you valuable mailing lists and links for your product. Read Previous Post on Giveaway Events

Gurus’ are so vain about their wealth and showing it off, every time I get an invite to look at some big cheesy gurus s latest bestest offer I cringe; because I know that they will get to the point where they just have to show a snapshot of their PayPal account or some other bullshit look for yourself here is the proof piece of evidence, then you’ll say oh wow I must join up; “NOT”. They just can’t help themselves, doesn’t it ever occur to them that the vast majority of people are not idiots and like me would rather watch paint dry than read all that dribble.

I tell you what though; when I do have the time to review and check out what’s on offer I look for sensible squeeze pages and products to promote; You know, not the ones that are about the length of a football pitch and blabber constantly about their PayPal accounts or have testimonial after testimonial; God if I ever see another testimonial in my life I will jump out the window. That being said if you didn’t have testimonials then people would be less likely to buy, but sensible use of testimonials is preferred.

No I mean something that really gets my marketing juices flowing something that stands out from the crowd and delivers the real McCoy. And I just have to say for me; getting something that I can use to further my own knowledge in my own online endeavours has to be “How to” Videos or specific technical online courses laid out in a constructive way with informative step by step instructions. Let’s face it we don’t all have the advantage of a technical background and this is one of many areas where a lot of people just give up. Visit this Video Tutorial Website to watch some examples. Oh ok there are a few testimonials but they are short and concise

Remember your customer has preconceived ideas & concepts of what they are reading or viewing, so you have to sell to their Human Nature. That’s it then; this is in my humble opinion is the main key to success. Or is it! Well this is certainly one of the key concepts but there are many more. All of the traditional methods of conveying your message still need to be used to utilize this human nature.

Proven Sales, Marketing, and Advertising tips and resources that tap into the incredible power of human nature appeal. Use these tools wisely and with vigour to connect with people, it sounds fairly straight forward and it is. So ingrained concepts & ideas, serve us well in our everyday lives no matter what the subject is.

Replacing preconceived notions with new ideas is often exactly what you have to do to sell your products & services. I hope you enjoyed this post and give some serious thought to your online endeavours, Remember nothing happens overnight unless you’ve just won the lottery.

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The Internet is simply packed with free websites. With a PC and an Internet connection you can access millions of websites for free and yet people very gladly PAY for access to membership only sites. The conservative estimate is that people spent 1.4 BILLION dollars on membership websites last year and that number just keeps going up and up and up. There are basically two things that you need to consider when choosing the topic of a membership site; (1) Passion about the subject (2) Level of demand for information about the subject.

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