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Lifetime Residual Commissions: Best Business Models

Short article on Lifetime commissions

So what’s the best business model for earning as an affiliate, you guessed it, lifetime commissions or residual commissions. In essence you get commissions on any sales for the lifetime of your referral’s participation. Okay first of all the term lifetime commissions is a loaded phrase that get’s used all over the web, after all, it is a headline grabber. To avoid the “I’ve seen it all before” or “Yeh, it’s just another Spin by the marketing Gurus” you need to first of all understand just how this type of business model works. Although there are many different types of affiliate programs that make use of the “Lifetime commission” structure, only well organised and highly respected companies should be used, in my opinion.

The whole concept of Lifetime commissions is to benefit not only from monthly subscription commissions from membership sites, but also to get paid for every product and upgrade that is sold, it’s not uncommon to have up to five levels of upgrades and products. This is a powerful combination for an efficient business model and if you pick a company that has a high retention rate (keeping the customer on their books) then there’s no end to how successful you can become.

Who is your target audience?

This is a question that is asked on numerous occasions and it is very relevant for the type of business that you want to sell. For instance small business is always looking to expand their sales and what better way to do this than through the Internet. As long as the service or product you are selling SELLS itself through genuine customer care with real value and integrity you shouldn’t have a problem. Only serious individuals in small business will go for this type of service that has proven itself with happy customers, a leverage that you can use to your advantage when promoting.


No promotion, no sales, yes I know it’s obvious but this is where most affiliate marketers fail by not promoting effectively. I’m pretty sure that most of you know of the multitude of promotional tools and services that are available on the net. If your still unsure then I would suggest joining up to an affiliate program that offers not just banners and text links but also learning resources. As an example Site Build It! has a huge admin full of learning resources and promotional packs to read or download, these work for OFFLINE as well as online, definitely one of the best learning resources I have seen on the web. In the end though it’s all down to hard work and determination, once you get the ball rolling it does get easier. It’s vital that you understand the service or product that you are promoting, so read up on all the benefits and key points.

What are the best residual affiliate programs?

Membership sites top the list and they can be short term or long term, they have many different guises and uses but foremost are the educational or learning courses. Look for programs that have upgrade options and product offers as you will get commissions on each of these sales. Other programs include dating sites, or Internet services like web hosting and auto-responders

Instead of making out a big list here for you to check out simply do some research on the search engines, the operative search phrases being “lifetime commissions” or Residual commissions” this should bring up plenty of results to check out.


For shear value and return for your efforts you can’t beat it, so Aim for “Lifetime Commissions” because if the affiliate program you join doesn’t pay lifetime commissions or residual commissions for life then you’re missing out big time.

Thanks’ for reading, feel free to leave your thoughts

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