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Do you use Local Door to Door Distribution Services?

In times of a bad economy many small businesses actually need to ramp up their promotion efforts. One of the best ways to expand your reach to thousands of households is to include a leaflet distribution campaign. Depending on your sales pitch this can be a valuable addition for your sales drive.

Plan your campaign

The success of your campaign will be determined on many factors including design and sales copy, special offers and so on. What you will find is a willingness for professional services to provide you with advice and practical guidance to set up your campaign.

Who Are Your Customers?

Targeting the right demographics can make or break your door to door distribution campaign. It’s always best to test a small segment of the market before you move to a big one. If you get a negative or low response it can mean that you have targeted the wrong catchment area. By starting with a small campaign you can revise your plan quickly and cost effectively.

How effective is door to door distribution?

  • 87% of consumers are either “very” or “quite” satisfied with the products they buy through Direct Mail
  • 63% of consumers said that ‘convenience’ was the main benefit of buying through Direct Mail
  • 56% of consumers said that ‘value for money’ was the main benefit of buying through Direct Mail


You shouldn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your businesses growth; if you don’t grow you shrivel up and disappear. Direct mail distribution does have many benefits, the biggest one being direct contact with the consumer, your customer.

Local Resources and promotions Edinburgh

For direct mail distribution visit Msquared who offer a wide range of business promotions in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

Have you used Direct Mail Distribution before? Please leave your thoughts

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