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Hi all, well so far I have been tinkering around this latest template from & I quite like it.

The only thing with blogger is that it doesn’t allow you to add extra pages unlike WordPress which does and adds more flexibility. I am impressed so far with this template it has a nice professional appearance although it is a pain in the ass changing the readymade built in ad block.

There are instructions on how to replace the ads and banners but this does take a hands on approach in dealing with the template. For all those non techies like myself i think it might be a bridge to far although if you take the time to read up on the instructions it is certainly more than possible to accomplish.

Importing my other posts from MaxBlogbits was a bit of a nightmare first of all you have to download an xml file of your posts to import, then you have to check the automatically post comments check box. And of course the dreaded confirmation (type these letters to authenticate) if you’re like me and your eyesight isn’t to good then you know where I am coming from, I tried 3 times before I got it right, even if you click the little wheelchair icon to listen it comes out like there are 3 people speaking at different times which renders it useless.

When I imported from blogger to WordPress it was a breeze I am seriously giving thought to transferring all of my blogs to WordPress. At the moment i am waiting for a new domain name to propagate and I will definitely be using WordPress for my new blog (watch this space)

Oh the trials and tribulations of a blogger; I suppose it will be worth it in the end, one thing’s for sure I won’t be changing it for a while once it’s in place.

You can keep up with my project on twiiter or MyBlogLog

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