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Making use of Internet Directories to drive Traffic and Build links

A lot’s been said about directories and how they can benefit your blog or website, but more importantly, are the claims about benefits feasible or accurate? Personally I feel that the vast majority of web directories are ineffective. There are plenty of so called auto directory submitters that will spread your URL far and wide to thousands of directories, but a lot of the directories are so obscure that nobody has ever heard of them. If you ARE going through the same process of submitting your blog or website to thousands of directories it’s probably better to have a rethink.

So what is the solution?

Start by picking out only the best and proven or well known directories, these directories will still have good SEO and link value. You can’t get everything for free on the web, so consider setting aside a small budget to place your blog/website more prominently in these directories. You can have your site featured on the front page or placed higher up in your category. Also remember that your site will get indexed and placed more quickly, sometimes less than 12 hours from submitting if you pay a fee.

If you Google top directories you will come up with relative results. Look for comparison or review sites, most of these will have their own submit service which can be free or paid.

Best of the Web: (Best of the web discount code CLICKZ15) this link will take you to the GetClickz website that is currently running a promotion on directory submissions of 15% discount. BOTW gives you increased visibility in major search engines and is frequently indexed by all major search engines looking for quality websites.

DMOZ: (notorious for getting into….persistence is necessary) enough said!

You can find plenty more top directories from Google just look out for reliable and solid directories to submit to.

For all your SEO needs check out Philly Main Line SEO

Here’s that Best of the Web promo code again, I don’t know how long this discount is valid for but it does offer great value.

Let me know what you think of Directory submissions,

Thanks for reading


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17 comments to Making use of Internet Directories to drive Traffic and Build links

  • Twitted by ruddyortiz

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  • Yea i me too Making use of Internet Directories to drive Traffic links thanks uploader..


  • ForumNeti

    Thanks for the information.
    ForumNeti´s last blog ..Fenerbahçe Ülker 68-77 Efes Pilsen (2-2) My ComLuv Profile


  • Epstein BarrNo Gravatar

    Seek out tea bloggers (they’re all over the place) and offer samples to ones that strike you as trustworthy and popular. They can then try the tea and write posts reviewing it and link to you.
    Epstein Barr´s last blog ..We all love and take care of ourselves. My ComLuv Profile


  • Work at Home

    I still use directories for links (there’s little traffic gain from the directories themselves). I figure links always have some value unless they’re from FFA sites?
    Work at Home´s last blog ..Home Business Opportunity - Copy n Profit My ComLuv Profile


  • I agree with this post.Most of the web directories themselves have PR like 0,1,2,3.How can they benefit us when they themselves are in such poor condition.Also those directories are full of ads and programming errors.You press the submit button and they will come up with a fatal error.Disgusting.Dmoz is dead long ago.



  • I agree with you! If submitting to a directory, it’s not important how many directories you submit to. What matters is choosing the best and most useful and well known directories. Just getting listed in these few directories will help you out more than getting listed to numerous ones that are of no value at all. Thanks!


  • I am always eager for information about SEO. Keep up the great work! Thanks!


  • NeoNo Gravatar

    I agree with Sourav.
    Even you will see that some directories will sell there domain after some day you submitted your website.Also some directories show porn ads which I think is not good.



  • From my personal experience, submitting to directories, that is… if you are submitting to just any generic directories, yeah the ones that are low qualifying, in this day and age of 2009, it really won’t help with Google or yahoo rankings. Again.. from my personal experience, the only search engine that it does seem to have an impact on is MSN, which is now called Bing, lol.

    In the end though I do agree, submitting to high quality directories in the first place is the best solution for long term success with all search engines.



  • Thanks for the information. I think I am going to try Best of the Web once.
    Chandan´s last blog ..How To Make Your Blog Search Engine Optimized? My ComLuv Profile


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