How to Manage and track your affiliate programs

Following on from Wednesday’s creating your own affiliate network.

The great thing about marketing affiliate programs is that anybody can do it. This is the one area where you control and dictate how you want to use them within your particular niche.

If you have a lot of affiliate programs running at the same time it can be a little overwhelming. It’s important that you track your stats, personally I use a program called Ultra Maxed to track all of my affiliate links, more of these tracking programs can be found below; another way depending on what affiliate network you use is to centralize all of your programs in one place. There are affiliate networks large enough for you to justify this; some have hundreds of affiliate programs on offer. But doing it this way does restrict you to that service and I like to get around and check out all the offers on the web. Individual A.Ps do have their own tracking back office but this can be time consuming logging in and out of several sites.

A Fresh Approach

An idea that I have been toying with for a while is actually creating a website specifically for all of my affiliate programs. Using WordPress as a CMS would be ideal for organizing each affiliate program into their respective categories. Perhaps later I can expand the site into a review model and populate with recommendations, “any way you get the idea”. If you have your own thoughts on this then let me know.

Staying Organized (what’s around?)

There are many software programs available on the Internet that will organize and keep track of all your affiliate data.

Here are a tiny fraction of these; you can give me your own recommendations if you like.

Affiliate Assistant 1.0: $97.00 version 2.0 due soon, free upgrade

Ultra Maxed: standard version $47 Pro version $97.00

Other programs:

These programs will maintain databases for all your affiliate programs. A typical database would probably consist of the following fields:

  • Program Name
  • Date joined or created
  • Contact Name
  • URL
  • Email Address
  • ID
  • Password
  • 1st Tier Percent
  • 1st Tier Sale
  • 2nd Tier Percent
  • 2nd Tier Sale
  • Total Income

After you enter the program information you can add more data about individual sales made and payments received. The program will keep track of all your sales to date, amount collected and click through data.

The program will also provide comparisons and analysis for all of your affiliate programs. It’s worth taking the time to input clicks, sales and page views from your campaigns, this way it will show you you’re Click to Sales Ratio, Impressions, Amount earned and so on.

A few tips that will help you manage your affiliate programs.

Always check that your website is up and running, if your site is down and you have a PPC campaign running you stand to lose out.

Check your stats daily for income trends and also highlight affiliate programs that perform well. Make sure to input revenues into any accounting software to keep ahead of any outstanding charges.

Keep an eye out for any queries from affiliate partners or customers for potential purchases or conflicts.

When you pick out affiliate programs, go for ones that that offer the best residual income potential. Good examples are Membership programs which are ideal residual income models for as long as the user remains active.

Recommendations are always worth placing in your emails or forums and so on, targeting your users’ needs should always be foremost in your mind.

Track all your affiliate links by setting up tracking software for your affiliate links.  There are many scripts that will do the job. Most tracking programs typically allow you to setup tracking links for any product you promote, telling you how many hits each product has received, and where the hits are coming from.

Finally keep on top of your Affiliate business and treat it like any other business that you value.

Do you have any affiliate tracking management programs that you would recommend? Please feel free to leave your comments.

Thanks’ for reading.

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