How to bolster earnings with Infolinks Tag Cloud

infolinks tag cloud

Infolinks the In-text advertising company has introduced another revenue winner with its latest monetization method called Infolinks Tag Cloud. If you already have an account with Infolinks then all you need to do is login and check a box then choose which style suits your website. You can see the Infolinks Tag Cloud below this article and there are four different colour layouts to choose from.

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Twitter Conversations can be tedious

This short article is a reminder for anyone who has ever had to hold down a conversation on Twitter,not an easy task especially if it’s a shared group session. The trouble with Twitter is they should really have been named because as we all know Twitter is a contradiction in terms of conversation fluency. As a marketing ploy Twitter does have its uses and if your conversation strikes a chord can have significant rewards.

Thankfully there are adequate resources elsewhere when you want to instigate a conversation of any length. The article isn’t mind blowing but does have

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New Twitter button links for self hosted wordpress

It didn’t take long for the developers to get one of these plugins out,enjoy

Twitter’s fabulous new tweet button is making waves around the world as we speak,and companies are hustling to get their sites hooked up with it. Massive blog host is no exception,and the company has their integration ready to go. (source TheNextWeb)

For WordPress self hosted users check the links below to get your own Twitter official buttons

See this Amp at

Hostgator rolls out QuickInstall

Hostgator have recently rolled out the deployment of QuickInstall which is exclusive to them and promises to eclipse Fantastico in usability performance. The new script installer is still in beta testing but has been opened up to all shared hosting customers,dedicated and VPS customers are required to request a free installation via a support ticket. One of the key improvements is the updating of scripts like WordPress,if you’ve used Fantastico before then you know that it can take several weeks before you are prompted to update to the latest version,although this isn’t too much of a problem

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Create domain name suggestions tool

Here’s a great tool for brainstorming domain names along with Web 2.0 names and iPhone suggestions. You start with beginnings then endings,click the combine button and hey presto results are generated for your scratchboard. It’s called Dot-o-mator. You can never have enough tools like this which makes finding the right domain name a cinch. It goes without saying you will need to check your finished domain choice against the competition. Be sure to find out how well your domain name will perform on the search engines by using a good keyword research tool.

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Google News Redesign more user friendly

Google has recently upgraded their Google News site to bring relevancy to users’ needs. The roll out of this redesign is restricted to the US but will roll out to other areas in due course;you can of course simply go to Overall it has a much friendlier interface with social network sharing and a user generated layout for what you’re interested in. You can set your preferences for what you’re into and follow stories that you want to keep up with.

Top stories are on the top left while local news and information is situated on the right.

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WOW! HootSuite5 with HTML5

I just had to post this mini post to alert anyone who isn’t using Hootsuite yet. CHECK IT OUT NOW. Browser support for HTML5 seems to favour Chrome and Safari although i haven’t tested out opera,as for the IE latest version whatever it is … doesn’t do well. Chrome rules  (-;The only niggle is the image support for FaceBook sharing which can slow down things a bit but it is worth the wait as the images do make your FaceBook time line prettier. (-:I just love the tabs that you can have lists to follow and multi feed accounts view or individual accounts

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How to use Cornerstone Pages to pull in repeat traffic

If there was ever a more solid tip for writing Online then cornerstone articles and pages is the best one to use. The tutorial and articles below show anybody building a pitch page or squeeze page how to go about it,in fact it can be used to build up any type of sales page or cornerstone page ,the latter choice can be a hub for your most popular articles on your blog/website. The main article is on the ClickBank Blog but be sure to checkout the resources below, particularly from Copyblogger,who as always, eloquently describes the best points about cornerstone articles and pages.

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Schedule Updates for Google Buzz via SocialOomphSchedule Updates for Google Buzz via SocialOomph

SocialOomph have just released the first round of Google Buzz integration. You can now schedule Buzz posts in exactly the same way that you can schedule Twitter tweets and FaceBook updates. In addition,your Buzz posts can have attached links to external sites and pages,as well as attached photos.

The Buzz API is still very new,and needs additional work by Google before we can add additional Buzz features. That’s why we call this release only the first round.

Google Buzz integration is available to both Free and Professional users.

Professional users have additional features,such as recurring

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HootSuite Fully Loaded or LightweightHootSuite Fully Loaded or Lightweight

HootSuite update:Choice is the buzz word on the Internet and Hootsuite now offers two different options to post your links…one with a social bar and one with without. Further options also allow you to choose which URL shortener to post your links with. Now when you post a link,if you choose there’s no more social bar but if you still want to use the social bar then you can use Below are the highlights taken from HootSuite,check them out if your not already a HootSuite member you just might like it (-:

Full Loaded

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