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Marking up products you bought for peanuts

Make easy profits on eBay every week by marking up products you bought for peanuts from secret government surplus sales: buy laptops for £45 and sell for £150.

Everybody loves a bargain this we know, and what better way to tap into this trait with a combination of eBay and Government auctions.

I haven’t been into eBay for ages but I know that the top sellers in this fiercely competitive market place use tried and tested tactics. They include setting up your profile page professionally along with selective products that sell. It’s no secret that top eBay sellers buy in bulk from many sources which include wholesale providers. Another quick and very profitable way to make inroads is to get involved in government auctions. These auctions can take the form of any surplus or confiscated goods that can be computer equipment to house wares, even the house itself.

Government Auctions

These auctions are taking place everyday up and down your country, just Google Government Auctions and you will find plenty of sites that specialize in this type of auctions. I suspect that they will have phone and Internet enquiries frequently. With your computer and the right setup you should be able to tap into various auction rooms around the country. You will need to setup an alert system and subscribe to the various auction sites.

It’s not too hard to find the better selling merchandise if you do your research properly, and if you come across an auction batch that sells you can make a killing. Knowing where and when these auctions are happening is crucial to getting Bargains on just about anything you ever wanted to buy!

It doesn’t just have to be eBay of course, although the biggest online auction site eBay has plenty of competition which by and large is cheaper to use. There is no end of locations to sell your products which can be through local or national media in the classifieds.

Organization is vital for making this business model work and you need to be on the ball when an alert comes through. It is more than feasible as an effective home based venture, if your funds are low you can start off by building your buying power over time. Most of all you will need to get into the mindset of this business, try a few dry runs to start out and do your research.

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6 comments to Marking up products you bought for peanuts

  • The government auctions are very great spot to have the products in bulk with a very good amount !& then as you have said that the professional seller use the Ebay site for their selling so there is not to worry about it because for being the professional on the Ebay the main keypoint which is required is the honesty & loyalty about the products!So anyone can have a very good amount of revenue from the eBay site!


  • Is this government auctions something only seen in the USA or it also happens in the UK? It is really interesting and I shall look into it sometime.


  • Thanks for the information on government auctions.I did hear about these auctions before but never knew so much about it.


  • GarethNo Gravatar

    Agreed eBay is the best way earning loads of income. Qualifying for eBay will not be easy. Every business has a dream that their products should go for sale from eBay.
    Nice read.


  • I have opened my business in Washington State, I have decided on Local Distribution, National Sales and some International (Canada and maybe Mexico). So as a wholesaler what is the “standard” mark up on seafood being wholesaled? I only sell products out of the North Pacific. Salmon, King Crab, Halibut etc….


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