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How to monetize your website the right way!

If you want to make the best return from your website in terms of revenue then its appearance is important. To this end, monetization is certainly one of the key factors to get right; too much monetization like the example at the end of this post will just put people off. It’s a good idea to diversify as much as possible using multiple ad formats along with solid SEO and PPC.

The following site is also useful for a review template comparison and how to correctly monetize the layout. I have posted about review sites before but this article expands more on monetization.

If you want to monetize your website then the car connection is a great example to follow. The site deals with car reviews on models like the Hyundai Elantra along with Cadillac makes, but also has extensive links to many other car and offroad model types.

First Impressions are important

One of the biggest draws for this site is economical models like the Hyundai Elantra, especially in these gloomy economical times.

Key areas of monetization to ponder on

Header: Google leader board banner which stands out extremely well. There is also a FaceBook Connect link strip at the top of the page with an excellent drop down menu to reveal several categorized sections to explore. Just above the navigation strip you can search through a Google custom search box along with further links for RSS, Forums, Dealers and services.

The Body

The first thing you want to do when you arrive at a site like this one is to find what you’re looking for. Now you can assume that this webmaster has done his SEO going by the page rank, and will have done their keyword research. So chances are you will land on the right page, but even if you don’t you will be presented with an integrated site wide search for new and used cars. Right next to the search area is the car review section which is interactive and rates on a points system.

The Footer

Just before the footer, another call to action in the form of an add block “What’s your credit rating� The footer itself gives the reader the option to find out more from the “Most Viewed Car Reviews� along with another Google custom search box and an invitation to follow on social and mobile phone networks. To round things off the site owner has all the important links about the company with privacy/policy… etc.

How not to monetize your website

This is an example of one particular front page I traced back from pingback spam. Pretty much all of the front page was taken up with ads, I have omited the URL to spare the webmaster his or her’s blushes.


I know that this an extreme example but it gives you an idea the lengths that some people will go to. Why some webmasters persist in this practice is beyond me. It’s only normal to monetize your website but do it with some thought please.

Got any questions or thoughts? then feel free to leave a comment.

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19 comments to How to monetize your website the right way!

  • Neo

    Hey Bill,
    Can you write a complete post from A-Z of affiliate marketing. I’m trying to earn money from my personal blog with affiliate marketing.



    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    Hi Neo,
    It’s not something i have thought about doing, there are so many excellent books on the market. If you enter Affiliate Marketing into Amazon Book search there are some great titles available.


  • Very thoughtful post specially about footer n “FaceBook Connect link strip at the top of the page with an excellent drop down menu to reveal several categorized sections to explore”

    Healthiest Regards
    Mahatru Goyal
    movies in Bangalore


  • Blogger

    Wow, now I’m ashamed of my blogsite. It’s full of ads.

    Satellite TV for PC
    Blogger´s last blog ..Hey guys My ComLuv Profile


  • having a website but not monetizing it !it is really a shameful point for us & we should all do the monetizing of our website because it has av very good value for itself!so i will say to follow your tips!
    Susana´s last blog ..Spanish Property in Nerja Overview from Spanish Hot Properties July 2009 My ComLuv Profile


  • Which monetizing model is better? the one where you use SEO to generate traffic to your blog/website or $1 per Follower per Month times the 50,000 connections you will have on Twitter & Facebook?

    Seems rather obvious to me too! If its (7-22-09) and you’re not too late, you will want to kibbutz this webinar;
    JNFerree´s last blog ..What is The SOCIAL MEDIA MONEY SYSTEM and Why Should You Care? My ComLuv Profile


  • Craig Hand

    Can we even conceptualize content for the sake of content any more? At some point we are going to move from monetizing the virtual to monetizing ourselves. This life brought to you by…


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    @Craig Hand, We are already monetizing ourself’s through the social networks, the whole monetization element is shifting to people profiles. You can see this in many social networking sites today and the big G is integrating more social options into its services especially Google reader.
    Thanks’ for the comment
    Bill Masson´s last blog ..How to monetize your website the right way! My ComLuv Profile


  • A very useful post on monetizing one’s website. You’re right, first impressions are important. That’s why its important that one’s site is designed properly and allows for easy navigation. The header is probably the first thing that will be noticed so it should really be good! Thanks :)
    UPrinting´s last blog ..UPrinting: RT $100 and 500 Business Cards Giveaway! Check out for details. Thanks! My ComLuv Profile


  • yeah all the comments here are really helpful to increase the monetizing our blogs and sites, i been following a number of advises and seo articles and thank god after 3 months ive got the result though i never got the expected amount from my adsense but its still a good sign that Im improving my blog through reading like this article,
    Noah´s last blog on taking care of your hard drive and saving and recovering your important files My ComLuv Profile


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    Hi Noah,
    Y eh’ It can be an uphill struggle at times and perserverence is definitely a virtue to have.

    Thanks’ for the comment


  • It is important to offer good information on youir website weather its articles or ads. If you can give away some free valuable information then it is more likely that your visitors will eventually click on your paying ads or affiliate ads.


  • I was one of some 12,000+ people who sat in on the SMMS webinar where Perry Belcher detailed ‘part’ of his “Triangulation” model where you (rather than) use conventional tactics to monetize your site, you leverage your social media site (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and your WP Blog) to bring targeted traffic to your site once you have demonstrate your prowess in a particular niche.

    There other insightful tips and techniques shared that made the 90 minute session worth the time investment.

    It’s probably to late one by now, but if you can get onto the play back link and see this social media session, you’ll be glad you did.


  • The layout of your website is important for you to hold the guest!


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