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Monetizing Amazon A-Store

Checking out Amazon’s a-store and finding out ways to integrate it into your online business.

As we all know Amazon is one of the biggest online retail businesses on the planet. If I were a betting man I would venture to say that most independent bloggers and site owners have used their widgets and various publishing applications on their sites. For me Amazon is a love hate relationship, to date I have not earned one penny in referral income. When it comes to comparing advertisement revenue Amazon is at the bottom of the pile, my biggest earner is still Adsense closely followed by affiliate commissions.

Most affiliates don’t bother with Amazon, mainly because their commission is so low. While the commission is lower than say your average ClickBank product, this is often made up for by the fact that virtually anyone with a web browser has heard of Amazon.

Comparing a-stores

So with this in mind I want to see if it is indeed possible for me to make any money with Amazon. At the present time I use Amazon a-store on two of my Sub-Domains, which are WordPress blogs. The sites, Green Tea Health and Vintage cars were quite easy to set up. I used the category list and drilled down the different sub categories until I found what I was looking for. But integrating the code options proved to be more problematic,

The three a-store options

ins-thu-gl-iframe ins-thu-gl-frameset

Standalone site which basically gives you a URL link to put on your navigation tab and takes your visitor directly to you’re a-store. The only problem with this option is that it takes the visitor away from your site, also linking the store hyperlink to the navigation tab proved too much for my theme.

The next two options are more preferred if you want to keep your visitor on your site, you can use one of two frame codes to embed on your site.

The third option was the frameset code, unfortunately WordPress just stripped the code out, and so it was useless. It might have worked if I had gone into the theme editor but the very thought of messing around with code put me off.

I used the second option by embedding my store using an inline frame which was readily accepted by WordPress. Again this was not perfect, I couldn’t get the a-store navigation to show because of the limitations of my theme, so instead of getting this….Becky’s Stuff I got this >Vintage cars. It’s not perfect by any means but at least it shows the products.

I have always found Amazon code to be problematic when integrating it into  different CMS platforms, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done, clearly it can, but compared to many other programs I would say for me it’s not my first choice. There are of course many other widgets and codes that you can get from Amazon including inline text linking.

Amazon associates is full of information on how to make the best use of their applications, and along with their web services site for creative development they have more than enough resources to further enhance your monetization efforts.

If there are any folk out there that have actually made money from Amazon Associates then I would love to hear from you.

Other ways to monetize Amazon

Product RSS Feeds Just insert your associates tag so that can earn on referrals.

Amazon Kindle Breaking technology that has huge revenue potential.

The good news is your great white hope has arrived. It’s the Amazon Kindle. My unsolicited advice is to jump in now. This could be your last chance to monetize content. Discussion and Seller Boards

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