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Motivational and self improvement sells

Here’s a novel idea, how about selling your product through Subliminal learning techniques. It may not sound as daft as you think; the power of thought is apparently big business nowadays. There are many websites that have tuned into this lucrative self improvement market. In a world full of stress and anxiety there are plenty of potential customers.

What’s available?

Motivational and self improvement products come in many forms including books, tapes, and seminars. A good point to remember; this product has a wide demographic circle and encompasses young and old alike from all walks of life. There will be some obvious niche areas that you can target with these products, for instance sports injury recovery or teenagers approaching exams. If you really put your mind to it I’m sure you can come up with many others.

For Affiliates

You will find hundreds of motivational and self improvement affiliate programs on all the big affiliate networks. ShareSale for example has over 200 subliminal programs alone. The use of this type of affiliate product will fit in well with numerous blog subjects and compliment many other products.

Some food for thought, what do you think, is it worth a punt?

What I’m I up to?

Still building…..Blogs and branching into new niches.

I did say I would take a couple of weeks off didn’t I? oh well I guess I just can’t stay away. I will probably post next week but only one or two.

Thanks’ for reading as always

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