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MySocialUrl Increases Sales

Here’s another slant on the sales page pitch from “MySocialUrl” the main difference with this idea is the social network integration. So I guess there idea here is that people are more likely to purchase from your offer or join up to your membership, and at the very least follow you on one of your social networks. The good part about this is the ability for any would be customer to contact you on one of your popular social networks. So overall the message to your prospect is transparency and a willingness to engage in dialogue, which can put your visitor more at ease.

The system allows you to pick out any web page for use with the frames, so it could be a sales page or your blog, even one of your social networks. I am a little unsure which is the best option; perhaps a social network page like BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog would also encourage followers. You should be a member of one or more of the social networks they support which include, FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. Make sure you join up to all networks, if you leave any out then that link will still be on the frame but be linked to your referrers network.

To build your free system, all we need is basic stuff like your name and email address, your PayPal address (so we can pay you any commissions you earn by using the system to promote your own web site), and usernames for your social media sites.

The form filling part is fairly straight forward; just input your social handles and your preferred email contact. Once you have the details in you will be redirected to the obligatory OTO (one time offer) it’s always worth giving it a quick once over. The OTO is why they require you PayPal email, so if anybody purchases the deal, you get $20.00 in your pocket.

Some examples: (My Choice for now)

One thing to bear in mind once you get to the OTO page, I was a bit miffed because there wasn’t any “no thanks’” link although the message clearly stated that you did not have to purchase the one time offer. I had to email the admin; I got an email response back from the admin only giving me a link to their FAQs page. But all’s well because as long as you remembered your username then your own personalized FAQs page with all your details including your MySocialUrl address is there for you. So I decided to use BlogCatalog for my link, what do you think, will it catch on?

Point to remember: bookmark your FAQs page and login just in case you need to update your social network links and email.

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