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Network with Web Work At Home on Technorati

Since I advocate the sharing ideal with the likes of Do-Follow and CommentLuv I thought to myself why not include Technorati. Fave my blog and I will return the favor and fave your blog. Simple enough don’t you think?

I decided to write this post after reading a similar article over at Peter Lee’s work at home blog which explained the finer points of faving somebody’s blog and widening your social networking. Peter reminded me that it was Dosh Dosh that started the ball rolling over a year ago. The fundamental concept is fairly straight forward; you gain more popularity within Technorati and thus climb the ranking system.

For those that are not aware what Technorati stands for then here’s a quick crash course; Technorati is first of all for bloggers, but that doesn’t mean you have to own a blog to reap the benefits that Technorati offers. It’s a blog search engine and content aggregator which also includes social networking and ranking elements. Most bloggers usually sign up to show off their Technorati badge on their blog which can be in a widget form or authority count badge. I guess what every blogger wants’ to achieve is a top 100 listing for Technorati blogs which in turn brings many benefits, the main one being traffic.

So to put it in a nutshell the more favors you get the higher up and closer you get to that holy grail that they call the Top most favorite 100 blogs on Technorati. There are of course the added extras like social prestige and a wider readership. Over the long run you stand to gain incoming links, subscribers and readers and most importantly authority.

This kind networking swapping or fave swapping is entirely within Technocrat’s terms of service and does not violate them in any way. On the contrary it actually improves the social structure within Technorati and encourages bloggers to communicate in a meaningful way.

To start driving traffic to your blog just leave a comment on this post with your Blog URL and your Technorati fave link. Once I have checked that your fave is in my Technorati blog list I will return the favor.

The fastest way to fave this blog is by clicking Here my Technorati handle is morecrush. Just to be sure that I have returned the favor please check back periodically and leave a reminder for me. If in doubt email me at [email protected].

Bill Masson @ Web-Work At Home

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5 comments to Network with Web Work At Home on Technorati

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  • Work At Home Blog

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for joining this Technorati Fav Exchange program. This eventually increases your Technorati rating and it complements your link building strategy too as you drive more traffic to your site.
    You should now promote it a little and I’ve found emailing friends and enclosing my post url has proved very successful for me.I now have 46 fans.

    Peter Lee

    Work At Home Blog’s last blog post..Make Money With OIO Publisher On Your Blog

    • Bill MassonNo Gravatar

      Hi Peter,
      Sounds like good advice, I will get to it. I noticed that you use sezwho on your commenting. I have been thinking of trying out this service. I wrote a post recently entitled “Changing over to Disqus Comment System” I gave it a try but lost all of my comments as soon as i activated the plugin, thankfully once i deactivated the plugin i recovered my comments. Does the SezWho plugin have any similar traits?

      Bill Masson’s last blog post..Network with Web Work At Home on Technorati

      • Work At Home Blog

        Hi Bill,

        No, Sezwho does not have this problem. The only problem I had with this plugin is that somehow I couldn’t get my ’subscribe to comments’ plugin to work’. However all my other friends don’t have this problem. I figured sezwho, ’subscribe to comments’ plugin and my woo theme don’t see eye to eye. Other than this, I’m happy with it.

        Peter Lee

        Work At Home Blog’s last blog post..Make Money With OIO Publisher On Your Blog

        • Bill Masson (WWAH)No Gravatar

          Hi Peter,
          Well you have put my mind at ease, so I will give it a go. Hopefully I won’t have any issues with the subscribe to comments plugin.Its always a testing time when you are changing over to another commenting system. To be perfectly honest i am more than happy with my setup as is, but the sezwho plugin does offer more interaction with fellow bloggers and readers.

          Thanks for your help

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