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New UK based Auction site may offer Free Listing Fees

News from Simply WholeSale the UK wholesaler hints that a UK online auction site may be offering free listings to customers who sign up for a shop front. The UK based auction site is gearing up with a revamp of their website with a host of new benefits. The re-launch is due over the coming weeks, no doubt in time for the holiday rush and in plenty of time for all those unwanted Christmas gifts to be auctioned off. Shops are what is pushing with the ability to set logos, branding and HTML descriptions with bulk upload tools.

Listing Fees

It’s rumoured that CastOff will offer free listing fees to those that take up there shop front option. I must stress that this is a rumour and is NOT confirmed. If it does transpire then online shop owners will make significant savings. Everything about auction sites comes down to keeping running costs as low as possible, so with hosting fees, domain name purchases, and in house web development taken care of this offer is worth monitoring.

Keep up to date (sign up)

If you are into auctions then I recommend that you sign up to CastOff to get the early bird notifications. Shop names will be going fast so get yours NOW, there’s no obligation to part with any money until your sure it’s right for you. CastOff is purely a UK based auction site.

EBay Competitors

There are plenty of online competitors to eBay which many feel is too expensive for smaller subscribers to use. Competition is fierce in the auction market and sites like offer a cheaper alternative with up to 20% difference in listing costs.

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