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If you’ve ever thought about launching your own product but are not quite sure how to go about it then read on. This article is the first of many as I try to explain all the ins and outs of a successful product launch.

Every week, hundreds if not thousands of online business owners launch new products, yet, only a small minority of them will make any profit, never mind survive the year.
It’s time to hit this problem head on. Listen while I show you exactly why the above is true and how, when you come to launching your products you can have hugely improved success potential with just a few little known smart moves.

Begin to plan the beginnings of your promotion to make sure you have everything in place ready for the gathering of your resources, ready to put that huge amount of promotion power at your fingertips to good use.

To re-iterate; the importance of your five main resources and their roles, affiliates, customers, long term customers, joint ventures and your standard list.

To check that both a small and larger follow-up product are both in place, ready for the backend sales effect.

To ensure that the follow-up and the vehicles that are going to carry the customers from your smaller product to your larger product are in place and functioning before we even get started.

To check that your research tools are in place, After all, it’s this research that’s not only going to increase your sales over multiple products, adding up to more than double your income without it, but what you discover may even form your next product.

Promotion Preparation

The first two weeks consist of planning, checking, planning and checking again and again to make sure everything is perfectly in place. The reason we’re doing this is because everything that goes on from your first ever product to your last ever product is a big linked chain of events.

If part of this doesn’t work and your chain is broken, you’re going to lose out badly, which is definitely not what we want. This is the reason that we see so many people around with gaps in their marketing. They don’t have a big list, they don’t have any affiliates, they’ve never pulled off a joint venture, or they have no customers, and so on. As I’m about to demonstrate it’s not just one problem that people have to solve, if they want to make cash, it’s many.

Now for the Checklist

In the following checklist, there is only one single thing that I’d suggest you purchase and that’s an affiliate system, as this forms a large part of your promotion. After you own one, you never have to buy one again, and can modify it to suit your own needs.
I won’t tell you to spend any money on promotion, or spend your hard earned cash on e-zine ads or anything like that. Instead we’re going to use your resources to build your network and make the future of your business a bright one.

If you don’t have one of the resources we mentioned when you start out, you will after you launch your first product. Beforehand you’re severely limited, not to worry though, you’ll find that by the time you start promoting your large product, you’ll have everything you need any way through the promotion. That’s the beauty of this system. It works no matter how many products you have or haven’t launched in the past.

The next part of this series will be concentrating on the Structure: Any feedback is welcome.

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