Newsletter Creation

Newsletter Creation

Here’s a great site for you to checkout, it’s all about creating your newsletter, and is packed with tons of resources with practical advice and newsletter templates. Newsletters are not my strong point, hence no newsletter signup on my blog. I am forever buzzing around doing other jobs and never seem to get round to producing my own newsletter. The problem that I find is that I have all my information on the blog, so why bother? If you want to sign up to my RSS feed by email subscription then isn’t that enough! Well the top Internet marketers will no doubt profoundly disagree; and they would be right, I guess I’m just too lazy.

What do you do if you are skint? (Broke) take Aweber for example, there starter price is $19.00 per month. Now that maybe doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you have a lot of other overheads then it can be a bit much to bear. I suppose it all comes down to priorities and your plan of action, so with this in mind I will do a little experiment and sign up to Amir Lashkari’s Newsletter tips to see if I can produce a successful newsletter; I will do a weekly post series to keep you updated with my progress.

As for cost, I will use which is free with a subscription package that I signed up to some time ago. The only problem is that the system only allows you to send out ten emails per group unless you upgrade, so maybe I should look at doing a monthly newsletter which would give me ten months, after this I could create a new autorespondor or manually sign in and do a Newsletter broadcast, the system allows you to send out as many broadcasts as you require.

Start Brainstorming

I need to come up with some ideas to integrate my blog posts into the newsletter without repeating myself, wait a minute! I better come up with a name first. How about Market Sparks or WWAH Market Sparks nah! I will have to do some brain storming; In the meantime here are some tips from Free Newsletter Ideas about name ideas. Tune in next week to see what name I come up with and the next stage in my immersion into Newsletter creation.

Since I am pretty new at this Newsletter Creation thing perhaps you could give me some tips to fire me up.

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