Good Day New York!

Do you fancy having your Blog advertised in New York City? Well now you can in a very novel way. Just pop over to Ruben Ricart’s blog and check out his wonderful take on advertising, he travels to and from his work using the New York transit system. There are some pretty funny and interesting comments to check out to.

Want to Reach a New York audience?
Show off your company or website to  the people who use the  New York City Transit system everyday and those that walk the city of New York.

How can you make this happen? Send an e-mail to info[@]frusketing[dot]com requesting my mailing address and make sure to follow me on Twitter and simply tweet: “Just entered Trucker Hat Tuesdays Free NYC Advertising. Just follow @RRicart and retweet.” and the last thing just Stumble It and Digg it - the “social bookmark button” is below.

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2 comments to Good Day New York!

  • Hi Bill,

    This is Ruben Ricart, thanks for re-blogging this - I think it’s awesome that your sharing it with your readers. I also cant wait to rock your logo in NYC - it’s gonna be big! :-)

    • Bill MassonNo Gravatar

      Hi Ruben,
      Glad to help out, you show a canny ability to draw in your readers and get them talking.
      The best of luck to you, when i get some time i will post you details, I hope that you take up some of the suggestions from your readers and start a movement. Hey what about using this idea to start a new blog.
      Do us a favor and post some pictures of you on the transport system.
      I will sign up to your RSS to keep updated, by for now

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