If you are interested in launching niche sites and want to tap in to this lucrative market then you need a plan of action. Before you start on your first project, ask yourself how you want to approach the task. Do you want to produce a large number of mini sites in order to gain as much ad revenue as possible; or do you want to be hands on and build up your chosen niche in a precise and meaningful way. If you are using PLR articles for your niche site then you will need to re-edit and make the articles your own. Whichever way you choose to tackle it First of all you will need to do a feasibility study on your chosen niche.

Tools to help you decide

First off we need to gather some information about your chosen niche like how competitive this particular niche is. There are many analytical tools available for you to use, one of my favourites is the Firefox add-on called   Search Status: A Search Extension for Firefox and Mozilla this is a great tool for analysing your competition. Search Status is a toolbar extension for Firefox and Mozilla that allows you to see how any website is performing. Designed for the highly specialised needs of search engine marketers, this toolbar provides extensive search-related information about a site, all conveniently displayed in one discreet and compact toolbar. The list of stats that this extension spits out is very impressive, there are just too many to list, so click through to find out more.

Building your niche site

So now that you have done all your research and are satisfied that you’re chosen niche is a feasible one you will want to start building your site. Choosing niche content builder software is your next important decision. For this article I will be using Content Builder Pro and I will explain why,

For me using Content Builder Pro was an easy decision, because of its simplicity; if you’re anything like me and the thought of messing around with HTML codes makes you wince then this application will guide you through the process effortlessly. Changing the templates and adding different elements to your site is pretty straight forward, as long as you can copy and paste with any HTML editor then you can be as diverse as you want. What you also get with CBPro is access to a large database full of diverse niche PLR materiel, but it doesn’t stop there, the choice of resources is extensive and helps you to further enhance your niche site.

You can see some examples below which have social and RSS integration along with various other affiliate links and banners. It really is down to you how you utilize and monetize your own niche site.   (All links open new window) Remember you get what you put into it!

Content Builder Pro (Large Header Example)


Graphic Design

Nintendo Wii




Canada (Pictures & YouTube Vid’s;Page Art in Toronto)


Quick Rundown of the Content Builder Pro Interface

When you are presented with your preferences in Content Builder Pro be as diverse as possible, the system has its own defaults which you can change to suit your own particular needs. To see Content Builder Pro in action check out this short video, suffice to say there are six key areas where your input will decide the look and feel of your website….

1. Article Template:

The default templates that come with this package have all the attributes to place the specific links and snippets that are built into the software. The templates included are one for each article, a sitemap page which links to all your pages and a links page to exchange links with other sites. You can pick any header and no matter what size it is, the template will resize to accommodate; you can see an example of a 900px header here. If you want to use your own template then you can modify them with any HTML editor.

2. Index Type:

This attribute gives you the choice to show a randomly selected article or show the sitemap page. It stands to reason that you should pick the random page option for SEO reasons, so that the search engines will see a different article each time it visits your site.

3. Create a links Page:

Option, yes or no, it’s up to you. If you choose yes then you can set up a reciprocal links page to build your page rank and pull in traffic to your site.

4. Add Privacy Policy:

Again this is your choice, the default page is adequate but you can always edit this and or add your own privacy and disclaimer if you think your site warrants it. The thing to bear in mind here is that Google Adsense now insists on adding this to all websites and blogs with Adsense units.

5. Colours :

This is purely for aesthetics; the colours that you pick here will determine your primary and secondary choices. The primary colour is used for the various headings and ad text, the secondary colour is for other links on your pages. You also have the option to show a dashed border or not, this separates the header from the main body of the page and separates the main article body from the navigation strip.

6. Site Niche:

It is important that you pick your niche for this option so that the video wall shows relevant clips for your chosen niche. When you check this option you may find that you are better off generalising your target interest to bring in more results.

Monotize Your Niche Site

Inputting your Adsense, Amazon and ClickBank I.Ds are simple and straight forward. There is an option to fill in a niche subject into the ClickBank box for relevant search results; if you leave this blank then the software will generate a button with the text that you imputed in the Site Niche box and search accordingly.

If you are looking for Headers for your site then you can use any one of the 50 professional ones that come with the Pro Package. It’s a good idea to download Gimp unless you already have a graphics editor. If you are struggling with using graphics editors then I suggest you try out Instant Banner Creator, this is an invaluable tool that effortlessly turns out top quality headers as well as numerous other graphics, and best of all it’s free.


Search Status (Firefox Extension to research your niche)

Content Builder Pro (sales page)

NVU (Free HTML Editor)

Instant Banner Creator (Free Header Graphics to paint your own text on your header)

Gimp (Free Graphics Editor)

Domain Names

C-panel video Tutorials

Colour Charts

HTML Tutorials




I hope this article has gone some way to help you decide whether to get into niche sites. There are many choices of software that you can use but for me Content Builder Pro has provided me with an easy solution. Let me know if this article has helped you to decide or tell me which direction you chose to start Niche sites.

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