Nightmare on email Street

Making better use of your Inbox Space

Over at Matt G’s blog his latest post brought up some interesting comments on emails and the constant barrage of junk that piles up in our inbox.

Here’s a subject close to every affiliate marketers heart .. OR NOT; whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro your inbox can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. I suppose it all depends on how you perceive this sometimes unwanted attention. There’s nothing worse than getting distracted by your email application when you’re grafting out your next masterpiece. We have all heard it from the time management experts “organise your life” the thing is not everybody’s’ life is the same I’m’ thinking there must be people who have all kinds of distractions like young children screaming in the background, or noisy neighbours. For all of us bloggers who work part time or full time from home there can be a multitude of distractions.

I’m quite lucky in that i live in a very quite block of flats but i do find sometimes that i have to shut the windows to keep out the occasional shouting match between disgruntled partners and of course the constant barking from daft dogs. Getting back to the inbox, I know when i first started signing up for subscriptions to affiliate programs it was a bit of a novelty. And as time went by my memberships grew and grew to the point of getting the same repeating message. The biggest advantage that I have gained out of all those emails is quite a comprehensive knowledge of how the marketing gurus ply their trade. So I make use of this by educating myself and fine tuning my own email campaigns. I have separate folders for all the best subject lines, and i only use the ones that catch my eye.

It’s a good idea to set up some filters in your email client, once I have chosen which affiliate programs to keep I assign them their own folder and bin the rest. If you’re seriously into affiliate marketing then you will be on many lists especially JVs which by their very nature constantly change with new offers coming at you 5 or 6 times a month. Of course every affiliate that’s worth their salt use JVs as part of their online strategies to boost awareness and gather email addresses. Another favoured batch of emails are the traffic systems, it never fails to amaze me just how many times the wheel can be reinvented. The recent release of Traffic Juggernaut is a perfect example, the program has gone through all the classic stages of build up to release, and in part these programs are fuelled by constantly changing policies of the big search engines and of course to line the pockets of the elite. If you choose wisely you can make these traffic programs work for you.

Your email is also very handy for organising your social network contacts and keeping up with blog threads; I assign all social emails to their own folder and another one for blog comments. One of my favourite folders is for reviews, if you pick out three or four good review memberships it makes for great future posts to expand upon and keeps you on your toes by inviting further discussion.

So in finishing this short post off let’s just remind each other that your email client can be a very useful and powerful tool if you use it in the right way, but on the flipside it can be a big distraction which can and will disrupt your productivity. It’s probably best if you stick to a routine, for example keep your email application turned off until you have your work out of the way, and organise your inbox so that the mail that you do want to read goes into your preferred folders.

Give me some feedback, let me know how you deal with your inbox

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