Nobody said it would be a walk in the park

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Kenth Koh

Helping you to increase your web site traffic has always been my top priority and today, I’m going to share with you my best kept secrets to increase web site traffic from scratch.

Like many of you, I started my career in internet marketing with little knowledge, no JV partner, no internet marketing friend and I didn’t pay thousands of dollars to attend any seminar on internet marketing. I started from scratch, learning the ropes by reading tons of ebooks and email newsletters (blog wasn’t popular when I started online).

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Bill Masson’s comment
There is a very interesting read over at Kenneth Koh’s Leads Leap Blog which goes into detail of how he started his online career. It just goes to show if you put in the hard work and research your niche the rewards will come. I myself have had to struggle down a very similar path, so when people ask me if I can help then personally I get a little bit frustrated because there is no quick fix for success. When you have the right mind set go at it and assert yourself to the task, remember it’s not a 100 metre sprint it’s more of a paced out affair.

But I have to say if you approach your task in the right way from the beginning then things will get progressively easier. Being organised is definitely a plus but rushing in wily nilly is not recommended. When I first started out I signed up for numerous newsletters and JVs to get close to the big marketers, this gave me a real insight into the concept and workings of the experts.

If you read any newsletter or email from a top marketer then you will see the true art of selling, great copywriting is essential and the size of the message is important to. I know that when I get a particular email from a marketer that is way too long and full of affiliate links I just trash it because I just can’t be bothered to read it, but if the message is short concise and to the point then it will grab my attention.

So to conclude it needs a sensible approach with a measured and well organised plan of attack.

Need I say more, if you agree or disagree with me then please leave a comment,

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1 comment to Nobody said it would be a walk in the park

  • BillNo Gravatar

    Its amazing how many people out there give up after only a few weeks or months, they just dont seem to grasp the concepts of the process of building your reputation and trust with your readers.
    It has taken me around 6 months just to build up a page rank from Google of 3/10 and i have done this through sheer hard work writing articles for directories and being active on a daily basis on the social networks.

    Your hard work will pay off, Just keep at it.

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