Optimization Power Tips

Here’s a few tips to Build your Page Impressions and build your traffic.

Traffic is your aim so try these optimization Power Tips.

Any true internet marketer will tell you this, and this has even more weight if you’re enrolled with the AdSense program. The success or failure of your campaign will greatly depend on how many visitors you’ll be able to get to your web pages.

There are numerous ways by which you can generate traffic for your website. Here are just 9 of them.

1. Off page SEO, refers to techniques you can employ outside of your web pages, after they have gone live. This practice is generally to do with increasing your popularity. If you have high link popularity you have a high page rank. And with a high page rank comes a better chance of landing on the first page of relevant search engine results.

2. On page SEO Search engine optimization refers to the tactics used to make your web site friendlier to the search engine spiders. With good SEO practices, you will better position yourself higher in the search engines. On page SEO refers to the tactics you can employ on your web pages themselves. This is focused on a selection and use of the right keywords.

3. Forum marketing. Hooking up to online forums relevant to your niche is also a great way to get traffic. With your account, you are allowed a signature box where you can include your website’s URL. This signature box will appear in every post you will make.

4. Article marketing. Submitting articles to key or popular article directories is considered by many as the bees knees of internet marketing strategy. Every article you submit, you include a resource box. This resource box should introduce yourself as the author and will include a link to your website. Articles are picked up by many websites and even print publications, making you reach a wider audience fast. Not only that, it will also work wonders for your link popularity.

5. Blog reguarly. Maintaining a blog and updating it regularly is a great way to add some direct and indirect traffic to your main website. Blogs have their own communities, and because they have excellent and simplified content management systems, they place highly in search engine results. Having your URL appear on the entries will give a boost to your link popularity as well as your page rank.

6. Press releases. Writing a press release and submitting the same to the many press wires online, such as , is another great strategy to use. Submit a press release announcing the publication of your website or any other campaigns you may start and you will be able to gather traffic from both the Web and the real world!

7. Offline marketing. This strategy is one to ponder on too, and can be one of the most efficient. You can advertise your website in newspapers, magazines, bumper stickers, t-shirts all sorts of merchandise. This will increase awareness for your website brand and result in a lot of interest for your website.

8. Joint Ventures are a much underestimated tactic that you can use to not just bring awareness to your website or blog, but also significantly build your email list.
It’s not as hard as you may think to get started, check out this previous post for more information.

9. Extend your Domain name by adding sub-domains; if you add relevant content to these sub-domains and submit these to the search engines you are extending your reach for your primary domain name. You can see plenty of examples right here on my blog sitemap.

If you need some insperation then checkout the Unique Adsense Template Generator

Please let me know what tips you use to optimize your Domain ,  Thanks’ for reading

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4 comments to Optimization Power Tips

  • MikeKL

    Agree 100% with your SEO techniques. You ask what “we” do…well, in addition to those you’ve mentioned, I regularly hook up with other IMers and Bloggers, via sites like Blog Catalog, Stumble Upon and so on. I use a number of Delphi Forums, seemingly unrelated to my niche, but with large numbers of forum members who are very representative of Joe Public, not just in the US, but right across the world, which is exactly where I aim with my website.

    Cheers MikeKL

  • Optimization Power Tips | Email Marketing Tool

    [...] Max put an intriguing blog post on Optimization Power TipsHere’s a quick excerptJoint Ventures are a much underestimated tactic that you can use to not just bring awareness to your website or blog, but also significantly build your email list. It’s not as hard as you may think to get started, check out this … [...]

  • Great optimization power tips. By following the steps we can easily get traffic and good rankings in the search engines..But i need more detail about the Joint Ventures..That’s a great info. Thanks for sharing, really like your view. I can see that you are putting a lot of time and effort into your blog. Keep posting the good work.

  • Max

    @MikeKL, Hi Mike

    Your thoughts are very much in line with my own,but i do like to move around a lot and test the water so to speak. Looking at forums outside your sphere of influance can bring in a lot of good feedback if you tap into it the right way. It’s quite amazing how much information you can gain from casual remarks.

    Thanks’ for the comment.

    Maxs last blog post..Digital Store changed

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