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Outsourcing Tips for Article Writing

Paying Someone Else To Write Your Articles

This can be a great time saver and free up your schedule to concentrate on other important promotional tasks.

Specify how many words you want in the article.

Be precise, 300- 600 words is about right. If you specify 300-600, chances are that the article will end up closer to the 300 word mark than the 600 word mark. It may be a good idea to specify 400-600 words in order to get a 400 word article.

Specify keyword density for the article.

Keyword density is the number of times your keyword phrase is used in the article divided by the total number of words in the article. So if you have a 400 word article and your keyword phrase is used 10 times, your keyword density would be 4.44%. 10 divided by 400.

Keyword density on average should be between 2% & 4%.

If you go above 4% search engines will think you’re spamming the article and will restrict it. If you go below 2%, search engines won’t give it any relevance and will tend to ignore it. Be sure that the keyword phrase is used naturally in every instance. You can edit this by reading the article aloud to yourself. All of this is necessary if you want your reader to perform other actions like clicking on an affiliate link or sign up through a form or any other action that has the potential to earn money.

How much are you prepared to pay?

It’s best to keep yourself and the freelancer up front with how much you are willing to pay for this service right from the start. This shows the freelancer that you are serious about the project and you are not wasting his or her time.

When do you want the Articles: How & when to pay?

The quicker you want the articles the higher the cost generally speaking. Make sure to let them know how you intend to pay for their services, PayPal is probably the best option. Without doubt the best practice when dealing with any freelancer especially writers; GET A SAMPLE. When you’re happy with the freelancer I would suggest paying say half upfront with the rest on completion. If you’re looking for around 30 articles and you have a tight budget then write some of the articles yourself. The key is to use the professional articles to distribute around the Directories. Time and Cost are always relevant!


Article content king

Don’t forget to make use of your resource box. You’ll need to put that into every article, once you set it up it normally goes in automatically but do check.

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