I need to overcome procrastination & work smarter as my blogs are wasting money

I got asked the other day from a friend on FaceBook what other tools I use apart from ReviewAZON to go about my daily business.

His concern: “I need to overcome procrastination & work smarter as my blogs are wasting money”

Well the short answer is everything on the web that allows promotion and exposure. I sometimes wonder why its’ so hard for people to believe how any individual can earn a living online. People often ask me what software or tools I use to make money online, the truth is my biggest asset is my time. When I say my time what I mean by that is what I am prepared to do with it.

It’s really a simple format; you get out what you put in. Since I first started online about two years ago I have had a go at just about anything and everything that has a dollar value return. I have learned to ditch the non payers and concentrate on solid and proven revenue streams. My time has been spent on all manner of programs some of which you may find hard to believe can be profitable. And yes I have been burned along the way and have come across my share of scam sites.

Stuff I’ve tried and use: *Point to remember “DIVERSIFY”

Here’s a quick rundown on the different revenue streams that I use, some of which I have ditched long ago and some that I still use today. Some of the programs may well have born profit and other people will be profiting out of them.

Surveys (Hate them, haven’t got the patience: made a couple of hundred bucks, mostly Amazon Gift Certificates. Don’t do them anymore)

PTC (paid to Click) still use today and they bring in a nice passive income, definitely reliable when pickings are thin. You have to invest and upgrade memberships to make a decent crust. NeoBux is highly recommended. There are many of these sites on the web and caution is a must, plenty of scam sites….so be careful. A lot of people are making Profits around $500 per month. If you find this hard to believe then sign up and check out the forum, it’s not uncommon.

Affiliate Programs: Probably like everybody else have used since the start and still use, earnings are up and down to say the least. A lot of work involved in promotion, it’s very hard to make a living on affiliate products alone unless you run a PPC program and that’s a whole new ball game. This can add several hundred dollars a month to your earnings if you put the time in.

Selling E-Books: From the start and still do. Same as affiliate programs for results. Getting targeted traffic from the search engines is nigh on impossible unless again you use PPC. I sell mainly Resale rights and PLR products using E-Books. Finding a good niche and launching an AdWords campaign can pay off well if researched properly.

AdSense: Have used right from the word go. This is a great passive revenue stream, a bit shaky to start but is now very consistent and brings in around $100 per month. Common sense with well placed ads and a mixture of image as well as text ads get better results. Other people will argue its better to break away from AdSense and go after individual sponsors but to do this you need about 10,000 uniques (site visitors) a month and I’m not quite there yet, WWAH gets around 5,500 to 6,000.

Chitika: I had started this ad program when I used the Flexi theme and had the ads show up on individual posts. My network wasn’t that big then so earnings were poor, since I changed over to the Atahualpa theme and experimented with the leader board banner above the site header, this is paying off now. It’s only been running on my network for a couple of weeks with earnings of about $1 per day, should rise in coming months. Ads only target visitors from the US and Canada.

Amazon: My nemesis, this is the one program that I never made a sale on until I purchased the ReviewAZON plugin. It’s still not spectacular by any means in fact it’s quite laughable, I made 5 sales last month earning me a princely sum of $3.15…WOW. To be fair I have only had the plugin for a couple of months. To be brutally honest you need some serious traffic to earn a decent income from Amazon, the quickest way again is to target niche products and run a PPC campaign.

Paid To Post: Don’t do this anymore because I just don’t like doing them, Earned about $60 over 3 months. Some people are more suited to this type of work than others and if you are a skilled writer you can earn some good money.

Ecommerce: This was my first online venture which didn’t work out for me; I had my own ecommerce store which was supplied by a Dropshipping company. I lost around £150 on this, looking back now I think it was probably too early to get into at the start, I now monetize shopping sites with Amazon and other ecommerce feeds which brings in the odd sale; the majority of revenue comes from AdSense.

Bringing it all together (WordPress plays a major part)

Social Marketing: ties in with most of the affiliate and Amazon products also posting daily deals from the ei42 shop and other affiliate offers. Twitter is my main promotion tool which is linked up to FaceBook and Friendfeed both of which are the same now. Social networking is without doubt the future of promotion and communication.

Onsite Monetization & SEO: Ad Rotator is a must in my humble opinion, I use Max Banner Ads Pro which you can place anywhere on your site from sidebar widgets to anywhere inside your posts. RSS Feeds: Another important promotional element that a lot of people don’t pay enough attention to.

Google: Being visible on Google has helped me a lot with promotion through Profiles and Google Reader, expect a lot more to come with the imminent release of Google Wave.

Setting a Schedule: A must, I usually have cut off times for certain jobs like post dating, email, and promotion. It’s great to be able to set your own working day but you have to be on the ball and set a realistic timescale for jobs. And last but not least is Research which is ongoing always…….a whole other post.

So that’s a shortened version of what I do on a daily basis, there are many other affiliate programs that I have left out, the web is full of surprises and earning opportunities just waiting to be found.

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