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Pay Per Click Tips for 1st Timers

A few quick points to take into consideration for first time PPC users

*Recommended third party PPC providers outside the big players like Google and     Yahoo …. Shop around! or MSN,,

*Conversion tracking is vital to you know where your activity is whether it be your landing pages or sales.

*Auto credit your Credit Card   “turn off this option” unless you’re loaded!

*Set up separate pages without Google AdSense if you are using their service, this way you can see what kind of earnings are accumulated and split test.

ExampleThis Company decided to test AdSense ads on their website, but opted not to display ads on their home page. To get an idea of what these ads looked like on our site, look at Google’s example of their ads on

*Start with a low cost PPC of 5 cents and then work your way up, say around $5 per day. After a 100 clicks check your conversions.

*Always have another source of income other than AdSense; there are plenty of other ways to earn income through affiliate programs or paid tasks such as blog reviews.

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