PayLoadz Best Value For Selling your Downloads

So here’s the scenario, you have just started working from home and your looking through the multitude of options to earn yourself some extra cash. You have more than likely signed up to various affiliate programs and start promoting these affiliate products through your blog or the various social networks, and if you’re serious about earning then a good PPC campaign is a must.

But what about selling your own products? If you have been active enough in Joint ventures or signed up to Resell Rights sites to receive products on a regular basis then your hard drive is probably straining to bust. So now you think to yourself how do I setup the framework of selling and structure the download links for purchases. If this is the first time for you, it may well be a little confusing; there are so many different options to choose from. The easiest option that I found was PayLoadz and I will explain why….

Searching for Download services

When I first considered selling my own products I needed to find a reliable download service. I had to look for a service that gave quality, security and most of all, a cast iron guarantee for my customers, and peace of mind for me. Now I can tell you from personal experience it took me quite a while to find what I was looking for. After trying out several different download providers I opted for PayLoadz. The main reason that I chose PayLoadz was quite simply because it offered the best value overall.

By value: I mean it’s free! You can sell up to $100 in product value and receive 1Gig of storage for your digital products. If you break that down you could be selling 5 products at $20.00 a pop. And you can opt to advertise any of your products on their affiliate network all completely free. Take a look at the image below, it’s fairly self explanatory, just set your affiliate fee, I always pay out at least 50% to get potential affiliates. So this is a great way to increase your exposure for sales.

By simplicity: Setting up your products couldn’t be easier; the system guides you step by step with the editing and image uploader in place. One note of caution, if you haven’t used the editing application before its best that you copy and paste your sales pitch to notepad before inserting the text into the editor. You can get an idea of what your affiliate sales page looks like here. And here’s another product that I promote and sell. Below is another option to include your product in PayLoadz Ebay Store, it’s a win win situ.

What I love about PayLoadz the most apart from it being free of course, is the peace of mind of knowing that your product purchases and downloads are all taken care of. And if you think you can’t set this up then you’re wrong, believe me if I can set this up then you can to. Of course you have the option to upgrade as your business grows and PayLoadz offers very competitive deals. For instance if you upgrade from the basic account you get $25 worth of free Featured Listings. There (Premium I) account costs $15.00 per month with increased storage (10GB) and up to $250 transaction limit… (There’s no limit to how many downloads you can sell). So if you are selling even just two or three products at say $10 per day then you’re looking at between $60 and $90 per month in revenue, but that’s the smallest case scenario, the sky’s the limit as long as you have a great product and competitive price you can’t go wrong.

PayLoadz Benefits

PayLoadz operates with all the big online payment processors like PayPal, 2CO and Google Checkout.

Chat with a Support Specialist

150% Money Back Guarantee

They are so confident in there service that they provide a 150% refund if your product does not sell and you are not satisfied.

  • Free lifetime Basic Account
  • First month free for all Premium Accounts
  • Secure file storage on our servers
  • Automated delivery of your digital goods immediately after payment
  • Sell anywhere online: your own site, our Store, eBay and more.
  • Affiliate Builder, a fully-functioning affiliate tracking and payment system
  • Supports Downloads and CD fulfillment
  • Developer API Access

If you are looking for a cheap or no cost solution for selling your downloads whether it be software, eBooks, CDs or any type of digital downloadable product then take a look at PayLoadz. This service is more than just a download solution for your products; it adds a whole new dimension to your sales.

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