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17th of August 2009

This is my latest updated WordPress Plugin list, as you can see there have been a few changes, most notably the use of WP Auto Tagger, and as WP has upgraded there is less need for as many plugins. Other plugins like HeadSpace2 do a lot more SEO tasks. Overall I am heading towards a theme that has many built in functions thus cutting down on the plugin count.

  1. Akismet
  2. All in one Adsense and YPN
  3. Apture (Excellent addition to Zementa)
  4. Backtype Connect (useful extra twitter count)
  5. Canonical URLs (Does it realy matter?)
  6. Clean Slugs
  7. Comment Luv
  8. Easy Contact (keep it simple)
  9. Excerpt Editor
  10. Feedburner Feedsmith
  11. FriendConnect Login (Google integration)
  12. G-Lock Double Opt-in Manager
  13. Google XML
  14. HeadSpace2
  15. Maintenance Mode
  16. MaxBanner Ads
  17. MaxBlogPress Favicon
  18. NextGen Gallery
  19. Page Link Manager
  20. Permalink Manager
  21. Post Plugin Library
  22. ReviewAZON (Don’t use a lot on this blog but do on others)
  23. RSS Footer
  24. Similarity (Great for linking up your posts)
  25. SimplePie Core
  26. SRG Clean Archives
  27. Subscribe to comments
  28. Tell a friend Widget (simple, looks neat and tidy)
  29. Thank me later
  30. Top Commentators Widget (come on guys and gals)
  31. TweetMeme Button (Twitter Daft i am)
  32. WordPress Popular Posts (Nice Touch and useful)
  33. WordPress Thread Comment
  34. WP-DBManager ( A must if your lazy)
  35. WP Auto Tagger ( Handy auto tag option)
  36. All in one SEO (You can never have enough SEO)

Any suggestions? Thanks’ for reading

So that’s my updated WordPress Plugins for the next few months or so. Please let me know what you think, I would love to hear any suggestions you may have, I will include a mention in my next post.


Image by Milleiro™ via Flickr


I thought I would give my plugins a dedicated page so that I can share how I utilize my WordPress Blog. You can leave your comment for suggestions and give me your feedback on what plugins you use. There is a lot of pressure to keep this list a short as possible especially if you have a big blog network. One of the solutions to this I gathered from is to install on my server, this would then allow me to put all my blogs in one place and upgrade plugins with ease. Unfortunately I haven’t got my head round this yet as it involves a lot of php file editing and setting up wildcard sub-domains as well as messing around with apache. A useful plugin for mapping your domains is WordPress MU Domain Mapping. You can get more information from WPMU tutorials on how to setup your WPMU blog network.

Thankfully the majority of my other blogs have on average about 16 plugins with more preference to SEO. I know that for instance has a very short plugin list and this does have its advantages when upgrading. Their service can be very useful if you have a multiple blog network, you have no worries about upgrading because it’s all taken care for you.

At the time of writing this page has only 12 plugins and includes the following….

AddThis Social Bookmarking


Audio and Video comments

Contact Form


Google Analytics

Greet Box

Subscribe to comments

ThinkFree Viewer

Threaded comments

Twitter Tools

Widget Pack Plugin list

  • social_widget
  • Akismet (
  • backlinks ( To dodgy! Google is Watching
  • canonical ( I think the search engines ignore this attribute, possably a waste of time!
  • clean-slugs (
  • commentluv (
  • custom-query-string (
  • dofollow ( Trashed because it was drawing in to much spam and leaking to much linkjuice
  • duplicate-post-checker (
  • easy-contact (
  • excerpt-editor []
  • feedburner_feedsmith_plugin_2.3 []
  • g-lock-double-opt-in-manager []
  • google-sitemap-generator []
  • headspace2 []
  • All in one SEO: Back to using this plugin. I am undecided which SEO plugin is the best….any suggestions?
  • maintenance-mode []
  • max-banner-ads []
  • maxblogpress-favicon []
  • meet-your-commenters [
  • nextgen-gallery []
  • optimize-db []
  • page-link-manager []
  • permalink_redirect-2.0 []
  • post-plugin-library []
  • role-manager []Very useful plugin for multi authour blogs
  • rss-footer []
  • rssautosubmit []
  • seo-automatic-links []
    (SEO smart links) clash with wwah do-follow, had to disable & delete plugin  02/06/09

    (SEO smart links) clash with wwah do-follow, had to disable & delete plugin  02/06/09
  • sideposts []
  • simple-tags [] Replaced with WP Auto-tag, much Better!
  • simplepie-core []
  • srg_clean_archives []
  • subscribe-to-comments []
  • thank-me-later []
  • top-commentators-widget []
  • tweetmeme []
  • wordpress-thread-comment []
  • wordtwit [] Disabled, allready have feeds set up in Hoot Suite
  • wp-gravatar []
  • added 08/06/09 (best plugin I have ever used, move over Zementa)
  • Google Friend Connect
  • Dashboard….. allows you to set up 5 additional blogs to link to for login only (a bit limited) more of a poor mans

Please feel free to leave your suggestions

Thanks for reading



Latest Update 31st August 2009

Just Changed my Theme to Atahualpa WP Theme by BytesForAll so there has been quite a few changes with a lot less plugins needed. I will do a post in the next couple of days to tell you about Atahualpa and why i changed from Flexibility…. stay tuned!

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10 comments to WP Plugins

  • How do you like rssautosubmit? I’m not familiar with that one, but it sounds pretty interesting.


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    It adds to the mix and submits your feeds to several key directories, so yeh I suppose it’s okay, it dosent have any bells on it just auto posts your feeds. But anything that helps to increase backlinks is good in my books.


  • Thanks for the info. I’ve been using RSSbot to submit my feeds, so I would think that it would be doing the same task. Anyway, keep up the great posts!


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    Hi Justin,
    Your welcome


  • Sarah

    I like your list. I have been trying to integrate the WP plugin, SidePosts, for several days. Apparently the author deleted the plugin manual from the web and the forums provide no explanation about integrating the widget into a multi-sidebar theme. Any bit of advice you could provide?


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    Ooh you’ve got me there, I haven’t had any issues with this plugin as of yet. When you say multi side bar theme do you mean sidebars on the left and right? I shouldn’t think this would be a problem. The only thing with “SidePosts” is that once you pick any category the script pulls the post and category from your home page into the “SidePosts” widget, So Its probably best to use customized categories. Give me your URL so that I can take a look at your theme.


  • Do you find that the more plugins you use the slower you site is. I been told to use as few as possible and be selective.


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    Hi Gunnsy,
    Yes it is an issue, i have 40 plugins at the moment for WWAH. Having to many plugins does put a lot of workload on your database, of course the workload increases every time there is a wp upgrade. I am planning to cut down; with WP and other plugin developers including more integrated functions it will hopefully lessen the need to have too many plugins in the future.


  • Great blog, thanks for all the useful info.


  • Nice post, thanks for all the useful info


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