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Why PPC Campaign Management Results In Better Leads

PPC campaign management is vital if you want to get your money’s worth from Google Adwords and other PPC advertising. Because PPC advertising has a direct relationship to web site traffic and your ability to get and convert leads, it is a very important expense item in your marketing budget.

PPC campaigns based on keywords and keyword phrases must be attentively managed regularly and frequently. Setting up a campaign involves building a strategy, setting a budget and bidding on keywords, creating landing pages, creating the ad copy, keyword research and selection, geographic targeting, and analytics.

Once campaign setup is complete, the job of PPC campaign management begins. This include: monitoring of click-through activity and management of goals, scoring leads produced and managing the scores, daily tracking, weekly or monthly reporting, daily or weekly updates, improving ad copy, improving costs, revising ads, creating new ads, ongoing keyword research.

It is in PPC campaign management that campaigns are evaluated, upgraded, improved, and modified for greater success. Sometimes it even becomes necessary to change tactics to attract a different market segment. Your programs must always be carefully analyzed against competitors, as well.

You must also manage risks in PPC advertising: you place ads in the wrong places, you bid too high for keywords, or you select the wrong keywords. You could be spending money only to get the wrong people visiting your site. This is why PPC campaign management is important.

For example, if you operate a neighborhood restaurant and you specialize in Mexican food, advertising “Pizza” probably will not be effective. Even if it should cost less (which is not likely), those who click through to your site would leave immediately. With bad, or no, campaign management you end up throwing money away.

If, on the other hand, you win bids on “small business tax preparation” or “small biz tax planning”, you would be more likely to get the kind of traffic you want. This is high quality traffic. High quality traffic is made up of people who are highly likely to be interested in your products or services and to become sales leads when they arrive on your site.

PPC campaign management works to analyze daily changes in your competition, competitor marketing, changes in keyword selection for searches. PPC campaign management also tests and analyzes ads and responses, then edits and tests and analyzes again to find the right ad for each keyword in each market.

PPC campaign management also analyzes every aspect of what happens when someone clicks through to your website. Which landing page is most effective? Which part of the page generates the best rate of response, do visitors follow the complete conversion path you have created or do they drop out at some point? Why?

Good PPC campaign management monitors visitor activity, keyword usage, customer needs, competitor activity, pricing and ad impact to market your business. It then fine tunes each web site page to efficiently convert visitors to customers.

Because it takes so much time and work, because of the market research required, the task of PPC campaign management is frequently outsourced to campaign management companies who have the experience and expertise in designing and managing effective and cost-efficient campaigns.

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