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How To Prepare Your Squeeze Page

Squeeze me please me but make sure you tease me before I treat myself to your offering!Free Bonus

Tell me how many times you have come across a squeeze page while browsing the web; you may even have clicked from an email link that lands you on one. To be successful in Internet Marketing you will have to include squeeze pages in your strategy. If you are starting from scratch there are a lot of steep learning curves that you have to get over. The term Squeeze Page is used by IMs to suck in your prospect and induce him or her to purchase your product OR to sign up to your service or Newsletter. In effect it’s a long funnel that draws the reader down through the page with various skilled techniques. Designed to create immediate impulsive responses, squeeze pages are used by all the top successful marketers.

Starting off with your HEADLINE

How to create a highly-profitable, highly-converting, money-pulling, relationship-building squeeze page, (This is a log tailed Headline example, duh!)

Quite a mouthful, Headlines are at the beginning of every successful squeeze page, in fact headlines are at the forefront of any direct marketing campaigns and classified ads. I won’t get into the full Monty of squeeze page structure because it would take too long and there are loads of eBooks out there to explain the art of squeeze page creation. You can also incorporate the use of video and audio which is increasingly popular with IMs. Don’t forget your own blog, in affect a squeeze page in its own right, I find that writing relevant posts that my readers want to read is the best way to persuade them to checkout my offers and it’s a more socially interactive medium.

THE LAZY WAY To Create Squeeze Pages
If you haven’t already seen one of my own Squeeze Page Generator applications then check it out; along with various other applications on the web this software pretty much holds you by the hand, and guides you step by step through the creation process. Once you have produced your squeeze page you can further edit it with any good HTML editor. I covered video squeeze pages in this post which is an upload and forget system that captures leads on autopilot. Audio on its own can be a good bet too and there are plenty of resources out there to Checkout.

Check out this YouTube Page for more ideas

If you have any thoughts or examples of your own about your squeeze page creation efforts please feel free to share,

Thanks for reading

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