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How to Profit from Google AdWords Content Network

Google AdWords has many options for you to target your ad campaigns; with content networking you can get surprising ROI for your buck. If you haven’t yet tried the content network because you weren’t sure how to use it properly, and didn’t want to get your fingers burnt, here’s how you should be using AdWords content network as a key strategy.

A few tips on how to profit from the Google AdWords network.

First of all, you should definitely be using the Content Network to diversify your ad campaigns. You have to make sure that you prepare your campaign in the right way. The Content Network is a very different animal and is not the same as the widely used search option; you will have to approach it in a totally different way.

Although you should at some point use the Content Network, which will definitely bring in new customers and make money, if you are new to AdWords, then it’s advisable to turn it off.  To start with, just concentrate on learning how to use search, what ads and landing pages work, and read you’re stats to see if you’re getting a profitable conversion rate out of it. Split testing is advisable along with various sales texts for your ads.

An important tip to remember– don’t assume that you aren’t using the Content Network when you plan your first search campaign.   The default setting in AdWords has the Content Network turned on, so make sure you have manually turned it off.

The next most important tip is to completely separate your content network campaigns from your other AdWords campaigns. This is very important and allows you to focus on one campaign at a time.

To start a new campaign, enable the Content Network, and disable search.  Then, start out with your   chosen list of sites, or categories, and start low.  Bid at $.02 a click, and see how that runs for about a day or so.  You’d be surprised at how many clicks you can get for that low rate on the Content Network.

Once you start getting clicks from your Content Network campaign, start monitoring your conversion rate.   Depending on how your ads are performing, you may want to either adjust your category list or change your cost per click.  By treating the Content Network as a separate campaign and using a different strategy, this will ensure that you don’t waste any money.

As you get more familiar with the AdWords control panel you will gradually grow in confidence. Once you have some conversion rates in you will be better placed to bid more effectively. One final word, when you are running ad campaigns, keep an eye on them, check into your account at least two or three times a day.

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11 comments to How to Profit from Google AdWords Content Network

  • Your all tips are very effective. I will try to follow that.


  • TimNo Gravatar

    These are great tips. At the same time, many are taking the same AdWords training guide,changing it a tiny little bit and then re-selling it as some brand new, never before seen system that
    will create millions.

    They just slap a new cover on the book and call it new.

    AdWords and PPC are old news, they were great 4 or 5 years ago,
    but these days you’ve got to spend months and thousands of
    bucks perfecting your technique before you have a chance.

    Sorry, it’s just the truth. For most people if they are a one-man-show it’s going to be a long and bumpy road.

    So what’s the solution?

    Something new.

    Wouldn’t you rather plug into a marketing machine
    that has almost zero competition.

    A money-making beast that no-one else is teaching?

    Enter Cell Phones…

    There are over 4.3 Billion cell phone users worldwide and
    if you know the right techniques you can plug into this
    untapped market with incredible ease.

    And there’s only one person I know of who has mastered
    how to make the most money from them and is actually
    TEACHING his techniques step-by-step.

    Well, to be fair there may be other people teaching about
    Cell Phone marketing, but i only know one who’s making
    over $320k in a single month doing it ;-) (redirect to big sale squeeze page with exit popups)


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    I agree with you to some extent its not as easy as it once was but there are opportunities out there, I guess i am thinking more towards niche products and services. If you do your research you will come across many products to promote that are not saturated. The mobile cellphone market is as you say massive, i have been toying with the idea of setting up website just for this market. I will pop over and take a gander at your site…. see if perhaps you have any pearls of wisdom :-)

    Thanks’ for your valuable insight


  • Garden shedsNo Gravatar

    Thanks for these really very nice tips. If anyone follow these tips. He/she will see the big change in business.


  • viky

    Good post. I do have an adwords account but never knew about how to use it. This will definitely help me to generate good income.


  • viky

    Good post. I did want to learn how to generate some income using google adwords. Keep posting.


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