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A word from Guido Nussbaum

Some people asked me if they can already invite regular members or only jv partners at this stage. Well, let me try to expalain… The Profit Work From Home is not a giveaway event… it won’t end but stay here for years to come. So what we can do here is introduce “newbies” to the concept of internet marketing. Even if they don’t have an opt-in list yet, they can still start out by adding articles, their profiles and other items… Profit work from home

In June we’ll open the member signup page which will give you another chance to promote. The regular members won’t be able to add anthing… They just consume what we feed them. Means they will be able to download gifts, read articles etc. but they can’t submit any material.

So if the people on your list are interested in advertising their website, blog, products or signup pages, then go ahead and tell them now about the Profit Work From Home.

I’m currently concentrating on building up links to the website, so that your articles should soon be listed in the search engines. If you make a Blog Post about the Profit Work From Home, then you are welcome to send me the URL of your post through my Support Center. I’ll then try to link to your blog, bookmark it etc. which should give you some extra exposure.

My personal profits from the Profit Work From Home will be re-invested to establish long-term success. This way we’ll get constantly more backlinks and visitors to the article pages, the profiles and the video pages. Example: I’ve just received 20 articles which will be distributed throughout the next 10 days to build up backlinks to the site.

An easy way for you to promote the Profit Work From Home is through the rebrandable report that you can donwload from the first page inside the contributor area. You can put your referral link for the PWFH in there and give this report away for free. The report comes with a Squeeze page and 7 follow up emails that you can use. How about adding this into other Giveaway Events? I’ve already done this with 2 events… many more are out there for you to conquer!

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