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Proximity Bluetooth Marketing For Taxis

Ad-Pods, the proximity Advertising Company conducted research recently into which business sector can stand to positively gain from using Bluetooth Marketing as part of their marketing mix, one of the SME sectors that consistently stood out was the Private Hire Taxi industry! For those of you still in the dark about what we are talking about Ad-pods are the Worlds No 1 Online for Bluetooth Proximity Advertising , this is the company that launched the ad-pod mini for SME businesses.

Taxi firms within the Private Hire sector really see a big difference when they use the ad-pod mini proximity advertising device for their marketing said one of ad-pods development managers. Private hire taxi firms have traditionally used the same type of advertising for many years , the problem is this type of advertising is no longer producing the same results they have been used to in the past. They cannot understand why advertising costs are increasing yet people booking their taxis are decreasing, ad-pods said that many of the Taxi companies they had consulted with were just not aware of how productive this new form of marketing could be for them.

A private Hire Taxi firm has the potential to double the amount of bookings they currently receive by using this technology to its full effect. We have seen it happen with Teignbridge Taxis in Devon. If you understand that approximately 100 to 200 people a day were downloading and ultimately saving the firms telephone number into their mobile phone and this was for FREE! That’s amazing numbers and this type of result is bound to benefit the growth of any taxi business and in the case of Teignbridge Taxis it doubled their passenger numbers. It’s a bit like employing a massive team of people whose sole job is to walk around handing out your business cards, if you do this in a consistent way, you are bound to get results , this is exactly what the system does for taxi businesses automatically.

This is a system that literally does everything we have tried to achieve in the past, it does it automatically and you only pay for it once. It delivers the taxi’s telephone number straight into people’s mobile phones,

“A machine that puts the taxi’s telephone number into people’s mobile phones” It’s quite a statement but in increasing numbers throughout the UK the taxi fraternity are realizing just how true a statement this actually is!

For more info on Bluetooth Marketing for your business vehicles visit the website

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