EMarketing Helper Bonus Upgrade

Just a quick update on the Beta version of EMarketing Helper,  the makers of the software is giving you the opportunity to download the beta e-Marketingversion for free, and when you register you will be first in line for a healthy discount when they release the finished product. Check the latest upgrade and test it out for yourself.

Warrior Post from Vlad

Hello my friends,
I wanted to let you know that EMarketing helper had lots and lots of changes in the past 5 days. Many bugs have been solved and new features have been added.
One of the best things that have been added in the last days are :
-5 new templates in Website Maker (we will be adding at least 10 more in the next days)
-Import contacts feature in Email Sender. You can import your contacts list from GMail, Yahoo mail and outlook
-Spell check for article creator
-Article creator now gathers sentences from Google and MSN
-The video tutorials are finished

I am waiting for more suggestions for the software.

We have also thought about the price for the software, and also, how much the affiliates will earn.
The price for the software will be 107$. Every affiliate will earn 60% of the total price (that’s 64$) .

Also, another important thing is that ALL users that tried EMarketing Helper will purchase the software in a one time offer of 67$.

I wish you a great day my friends,

It’s well worth downloading the free beta version to give a test drive, nothing lost and everything to gain. If you have any questions or suggestions for the makers then you can contact them at their website or the warrior forum.

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Thanks for reading.

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