My Review on ReviewAZON, Has it worked out?

This is a review article on ReviewAZON, an Amazon plugin developed by Niche Web Strategies. Since I purchased and use this plugin myself it’s about time I wrote a review about it. I have been using the plugin now for around three months and thus far I am very happy with results. Traffic and ad revenue stats are up right across my network. I would highly recommend this plugin to any self hosted WordPress user, it’s a great way to compliment any blog and it works fine on its own to. If you’re not a WordPress user then read on, perhaps this might change your mind.

Quick WordPress Factoid

202 million websites worldwide and counting

Here are a few reasons why I recommend ReviewAZON with tips on how to get the best out of it.

It’s quick and easy to use and setup, the quality of the review templates are eye catching and sticky, by that I mean shoppers are always looking for honest straight talking experiences from real people who have bought products and want to express their views online. The reviews are completely impartial, just what potential customers want to see.

Amazon has a huge catalog of products which opens up numerous niches that you can monetize. Checkout Amazon’s commission structure: How are fees calculated in the Performance Fee Structure? Of course you are not just limited to Amazon; you can place AdSense ads in strategic positions to bring in more passive income as well as other related affiliate products. If you monetize to the max you can have four or five different revenue streams coming in from one blog. And then rinse and repeat!!!!! Say no more.

Different models

How you use ReviewAZON is entirely up to you and your own particular needs; you can have a site that is purely made up of reviews which works great for focusing on one particular range of products. Another option is to compliment your blog with review posts as well as your regular entries; versatility is the name of the game. One of the better options for promotion has to be PPC; if you do your research it can be very profitable.

Tips for finding popular Amazon products (US version)

There are a few ways to determine which products are popular and therefore sell more. The most obvious thing to do is to check out Amazon’s own top sellers list which you can find in any category or sub-category. If you delve a bit deeper into Amazon it’s amazing how much information there is that you can use to get customer insights. For instance when you go into Amazon normally you have the main navigation on the left, just for a moment ignore all the clutter on the center column and click the “Shop all Departments” link.


As you can see there are a bunch of useful links like “Today’s Deals” and others which you can use to better target your customers.


Another very handy tip which I got from a fellow ReviewAZON user off the forum is to make use of the combined capabilities of Amazon and Google. Simply input the following search string (”customer reviews” 500..5000) without brackets into Google and you should get results showing the most reviewed products on Amazon.

URL Shorteners

One of the best promotional methods to use is Twitter which is great for posting your reviews, but a word of warning; make sure you include your tracking code with a recommended service.

This is what Dave Cotter (Amazon Affiliate Manager) had to say on the matter.

  • It is not required to use the Amazon URL shortener to distribute affiliate links on social media. A few alternates that have been tested and confirmed to work with Amazon’s affiliate program are: 9MP.COM
  • Excerpt taken from Search Engine Journal (Great Article….go and read it!)

How much does it cost?

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