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ReviewAZON Incentive: My Stats thus far



1st things 1st, I have written before about ReviewAZON so checkout all the benefits if you need a refresher. Remember there is a 15% discount that runs right up to the 31st of December.

Since I started promoting the ReviewAZON WordPress plugin about a couple of months ago the take up has been to say the least poor. My tracking has revealed 3104 unique clicks thus far and only one sale has materialised, and this is with the recent Christmas discount in place. So I guess that the Christmas period is foremost in people’s minds and it’s not a good time to promote… who knows, then again perhaps some people are just bypassing my affiliate link )-: unfortunately it happens.

Another reason is perhaps the perception of why bother when Amazon already supplies tools for anyone to promote their products without a website? You will have noticed that Amazon have integrated Twitter, so anyone can now tweet special offers and there are various widgets also available. This is certainly helpful but doesn’t bring your clicker to your blog or website rather it takes them straight to Amazon, whereas, if you have ReviewAZON the clicker will come to your site and perhaps click on other Amazon products, you may also benefit from AdSense or affiliate programs that you have on your site, you can even set up a capture form and build a list. The point is its better that you point your visitors to your site to gain traffic and convert more sales.

My Traffic surge

Since I installed the ReviewAZON plugin on my network my traffic has greatly improved, to give you an example the traffic at which is targeted at the UK market, has increased greatly since I installed ReviewAZON. With the up and coming Christmas period imminent I have increased my posting schedule accordingly. November’s traffic was 11,552 visits; compare that to the previous month for October of 7,175 visits… Not bad. December’s traffic is already at 12,119.


max dec stats2

“Any whoo” here’s a little incentive from me on my sales and stats from Amazon to date, there not huge by any means but they are encouraging. Bear in mind that i do not have any active PPC campaigns running; all of the traffic is organic.

Since I am based in the UK this is my top performer followed by the US market which I plan to ramp up in 2010, but remember there are other countries that Amazon operate in, like Canada, Germany, France and Japan. Also you have to take into account that this is the busiest time of year, that being said Amazon are always running promotions throughout the year, boxing day and January sales are due soon.

UK Market (overall stats since beginning of November)

uk stats

Items dispatched 42, ordered items 47, so there is still another 5 items to go through. At present I am on 5.5% commission which goes up t0 6% if I sell another 18 items.

US Market (overall since November)

us stats

Sales are low compared to UK but the US side of Amazon pays a higher commission rate, starting at 6%, next target is 6.5% 0n 23 more items.

Final Impressions

Now I know that my earnings aren’t spectacular but considering that a couple of months ago before I bought ReviewAZON my earnings were zero, I would say that this has to go down as an encouraging trend with more to come.

Overall it’s been a slow starter but is now gathering pace and proven to be a nice extra passive income generator. The UK side of operations have outperformed and this is due to my geo-location along with other factors like age of site and active promotion through social networks like Twitter and FaceBook. There is still a lot of room for improvement in 2010, like submitting to more directories, at the moment I swap relevant links with other retailers through Link2Me. I plan to submit to more local and national directories in 2010, it will be worthwhile starting a PPC campaign to boost sales further. Other options can include niche blogs to link up to a PPC campaign and or setting up a review site for niche orientated products, plenty of room for improvement.

Any thoughts, are you promoting Amazon on your blog or website? There are plenty of available options for integrating feeds and widgets, so tell me about yours.

Thanks’ for reading

Quick Reminder

Christmas Promotion, just type in “HOLIDAYCASH” to get 15% off, runs until the 31st of December  ReviewAZON

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  • Auto Repair Las VegasNo Gravatar

    I am impressed with the content of the article. I have been trying this method and I have seen some real improvements. This method is very useful.

  • Good Customer Service

    Interesting plugin - it definitely has potential that’s for sure. The number of sales you have made is quite impressive, but unfortunately amazon pays only a small commission on each item sold (5-7%). However, that amount is more than you were making before - so I congratulate you.
    Good Customer Service´s last blog ..Good Customer Service – Essential Tips My ComLuv Profile

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