ReviewAZON Pro Review, is it ready yet?

ReviewAZON Pro 2.0 is finally released to the general public, It’s been a long time since I tested the beta version of ReviewAZON Pro but never the less it’s out. So what are my impressions and have I changed my mind since the last review? Well I did breeze through the setting up of ReviewAZON Pro but I did have prior knowledge, I suspect for someone completely new it will still be a steep learning curve. That being said there are plenty of tutorial resources to guide you through with the help of a forum of other users and Brad Hanson.

Using Resources … any changes?

How hungry is this version on your hosting resources? Well this was the main reason why I switched to WP Zon Builder. Originally ReviewAZON was very resource hungry on my server which is why I switched to WP Zon Builder.  Since I am using the Atahualpa theme for this testing period I can see at the footer just how many processes it takes to load, more on that later.

Spinable Product Post Titles

One option that stood out was the Spinable Product Post Titles, in effect it gives you three spinable words or phrases to add at the beginning or end of you posts. This format is used… {text one|text two|text three} Also the post layout has options to include similar products with your I-Frame of customer reviews with various buy now or more information buttons to choose from. I’m sure you can customize lots more if you have the time.

Long List of Options

When you first configure the options for ReviewAZON Pro it is a handful, but after getting used to it you should be more proficient for future sites. If you only use ReviewAZON on one site then the main tabs options you will be using are Posts – Product Post Queue – Scheduled Product Posts all of these options are configurable with popup windows that go into further options.

ReviewAZON Pro Product Search

This is where for me it’s far too much information as you can literally drill down every category and sub-category in Amazon. Why isn’t there a browse nodes or ASIN search box input?  This would save a bundle of time. Your search options are initialised by either double clicking on any main category which then presents you with a search box; you input your keyword and then pick your products from the page by checking all boxes or individual items then click “Add selected products to Queue”

If you are after a particular product then you can keep clicking through the sub-categories until you find what you’re looking for.






The only problem with inputting keywords as opposed to ASIN or browser nodes numbers is that you get a lot of clutter, with ASIN you get the exact match and with Browse Nodes you get a more targeted list of products.

Once you have your products you then close the search window and are presented with the product post queue. At this point you can either publish immediately or you can click add products to which takes you back to the search products page. If you are satisfied with your selection then hit the publish button, you are now presented with a floating window with further options before your final draft to publish.

Publishing Options

Once you have your choice of products to publish you can publish, set to draft or pending. You can then tell ReviewAZON which author to assign these posts to via a dropdown menu, then check boxes to allow comments and ping backs. You can now publish or you can click the next tab to schedule your posts by selecting any time period you desire. Apply your site categories to your chosen products and so on. Other options before you publish…

Automatically create the product brand/manufacturer category for each post and assign it to the post/page. Not always a good idea if you have a large site with lots of categories but ideal for more niche orientated sites.

Tags, Custom Fields, Youtube video options

It’s worth pointing out that you can go through all the options above on individual posts.

Maintenance Tab

If you have a lot of sites using ReviewAZON then you can import those settings which I guess will save you a lot of time, I haven’t tried this option yet so I don’t know how effective it is or whether it works. You can also export… obviously!

Editing Template Files

In the Manage Templates tab you can edit every php file in whatever template you’re using including the default, tabs or Legacy templates, if you don’t know what you’re doing then leave well alone, remember you can always check out the forum and ask away. Widgets are also editable.

Here’s an image of the ReviewAZON Pro options… there are many sub-categories.
























Final Thoughts (work in progress)

Early indications on resource used on my server are favourable but there are still a few bugs to iron out with display buttons. Right now I am going to persevere with my test site and setup scheduled posts and see how it goes. I’m pretty sure over time ReviewAZON Pro will get better; without doubt it needs better search options with the inclusion of ASIN and Browse Nodes.

My honest opinion at this stage if you’re looking for an amazon review plugin then my number 1 choice has to be WP Zon Builder, it’s so much lighter and powerful in search and so much quicker to learn and produce umpteen product posts in lightning fast time… NO CONTEST

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