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Quite simply it will speed up your publishing and make your tedious research a breeze. As we all know, for the busy blogger time is at a premium and this is especially true when it comes to researching an article. What this software does is take away all the mundane research tasks by combining a highly targeted search algorithm which returns fast results for your queries.

Directory Submitter

We all want to increase our serps or our PageRank and there are many ways to go about this, today I want to focus on Directory Submit Software. This type of application can be used on your desktop and is very useful for keeping a record of your progress. I recently downloaded Directory Submitter because I wanted to check it out and see if it was any use. This is one of many scripts that I got from Mike Mazzella over at Resell Rights Wholesaler website.

SOFTWARE REVIEW: If the response to your e-mail marketing promotions has taken a nose-dive recently, you’ll want to pay attention to this!

Review: Desktop Marketer Pro

Every time someone sends me an e-mail telling me that they’ve just discovered the “next big thing” in online marketing, I’m naturally a little bit skeptical.

So when I received an e-mail from world-renowned Internet marketing expert Derek Gehl recently telling me that he had a “revolutionary” product he wanted to show me, I wasn’t sure what to expect!

It turns out that Derek was talking about “direct-to-desktop” technology. Now, for those of you who haven’t heard of this before, it basically allows you to send messages directly to the desktops of your customers or subscribers WITHOUT using e-mail. When you have a message you want to send, it will “pop up” right on the desktops of their computers, instead of landing in their e-mail inboxes.

I’ve actually heard of this technology before, but the software necessary to get started cost a fortune (at least $10,000), and you needed a team of programmers to implement it on your site. So when I decided to take Derek up on his “90-Day Risk Free Trial,” I was a little nervous that the set-up process would be too complicated for me. (I am the farthest thing from a “technical whiz” you will ever meet!)

I can honestly say I was amazed at how “dummy-proof” this software is to use! I was up and running in no time, and everything worked perfectly the first time around! And convincing my subscribers to download the little “Desktop Reader” was actually really easy. (Derek is giving away a couple of free reports with the software that explain a TON of great ways to get people using the application.)

Once you start using “Desktop Marketer Pro” for your business, you can simply forget about some of your biggest e-mail marketing headaches! You’ll never again need to worry about:

  • People changing their e-mail addresses without telling you.
  • Your legitimate messages getting wrongfully flagged as spam.
  • Free accounts (like Yahoo! and Hotmail) “bouncing back” your messages.
  • Blocked mail and blacklists.
  • Your message disappearing under a mountain of junk e-mail and spam.

The bottom line is that this product does everything it promises — and a whole lot more! You can track exactly WHO is reading your messages so you never have to guess if your e-mail is being delivered. I give “Desktop Marketer Pro” a 10 out of 10 rating — my absolute highest recommendation!

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“Attract Stampedes of FREE Traffic From Google When You Hire An SEO Expert… For Just $2.95!”

Review Of Derek Gehl’s “Search Marketing Labs”:

Attracting crowds of qualified buyers with a top ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN just got a whole lot easier… and cheaper.

The term “search engine optimization” used to be synonymous with difficult and expensive. Not any more.

Because thanks to Derek Gehl’s latest release, you do NOT need to be intimidated by terms like “keyword density” and “optimization” anymore. And you certainly don’t need to outsource your search engine traffic campaigns to third-party experts for exorbitant fees of $3,000-$10,000!

Instead, you can finally “do it yourself” and enjoy substantial increases in your traffic and sales with the expert guidance of your very own, private SEO consultant…

… Who will help blast your website to a top listing in Google, Yahoo, and MSN!

All for the ridiculously low investment of just $2.95.

There’s absolutely no guesswork.

First, Derek gives you a series of online videos that walk you through the baby step basics of getting your website search engine ready.

Then, using the same clear, no-BS teaching style, you’ll be shown how to apply the very same advanced SEO strategies that Derek and his team have used to secure a Top 5 ranking in Google for 3 years running

… And beat out over 294 Million competitors including many multi-million dollar corporations!

And then, just in case you need some extra hand-holding, you’ll have unlimited access to Derek’s very own in-house SEO expert in a secret discussion forum, where you can ask unlimited questions about your specific search engine campaign!

This alone is EASILY a $1500-$3000 value — but Derek’s giving you unlimited access to his private SEO expert for the next 30 days for just $2.95.

To get all the details, visit

When Derek first launched his “Search Marketing Lab” approximately one year ago, I didn’t pay much attention.

My mistake.

Because today, he’s got testimonials lined up around the block — all regular people who started with ZERO or mediocre traffic, who attract 5,000 to 40,000+ visitors every month using these secrets.

The majority of SEO books, courses, and seminars you’ll find out there are a waste of money, not worth the paper they’re printed on, because they’re not kept up-to-date.

But since “Search Marketing Lab” gives you the same SEO strategies that Derek’s currently using on his own site (, which is reported to attract over 1.8 Million visitors every month, you can be sure you’ll be the first to know when there’s a major search engine change…

… And the first to PROFIT from Derek’s hard won SEO research, newest optimization techniques, and late-breaking developments.

I recommend very few SEO resources to my clients. But this tops my list.

And the $2.95 Trial that Derek is giving away right now is a steal. To get yours before he shuts it down…

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