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How not to Run an Online Promotion!

When you run a promotion online for any product or service it makes sense to plan ahead don’t you think? Well apparently not everybody thinks the same way “yes I know it sounds obvious” let me explain, the other day I received an email from a rather popular Blogger who was running a promo for a book. The promo was offering a 50% discount off the normal price of the book “BUT” it was only running for 24 hours, the thing is that the email arrived in my inbox on the same day that the offer was due to run out! Crazy or what, so you can guess I wasn’t too impressed. For anybody in the know you’ve probably guessed who I’m talking about.

Rules of engagement

If I was running a 24 hour promotion myself I would have at least given my affiliates 72 hours notice. In fact I would have sent out flyers about a week prior as well as follow up reminders approaching the promotion. If you are an active affiliate and subscribe to any notable IMs then you know how well they promote any big launch with all manner of discounts to whet the appetite. This is what Internet Marketing is all about, building up the momentum to a fever pitch of anticipation. Any way enough said!

“Change of direction” Sell and Promote your own product

Strategies to Promote any Product

There are several sales tactics used by IMs in promoting their products or services. The fundamental point to keep in mind is to sell your own product. If you don’t have a product you can acquire a resale license which allows you to sell the product and keep 100% of the profits. Why bother going to all that trouble of making your own product when there are plenty of quality products to buy, right?

The best way to sell your product is to research a profitable niche and then search for a suitable product and buy the resale rights. If you need some pointers on how to start researching a profitable niche then check out these previous articles below: You can start with Google Insights and have a go at Google Stats to see what’s popular.

Hot Niche Trends

Looking at Niche Markets

Presell your Product: one or two tips to keep in mind

It’s all in the mind “Human Nature” that is. Give something away free will always get a response of some sort. You can use this well versed tactic all over the web on forums and social networks. If you do it right it can generate sales and raise your authority. Your signature line is your best vehicle for driving sales to your product, make sure its appealing.


Give potential affiliates the ability to give away your eBook or software by providing them with rebranding tools. A good example is IMBuzz software creators run by Calvin Woon & Jonathan Teng, two very successful IMs. They provide many affiliates with free re-brandable software to distribute across the web which brings them a lot of business.

Product Creation

If you are struggling to make your own products then checkout these links:

Create Hot Products Fast (Develop your Product)

Surefire Wealth-Silver Membership (Get Resale Rights for a product)

Super Rebrander (PDF Branding & Creation Software)

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