If you are looking for a unique opportunity to increase your earnings in these tough times then why not try out this little gem. WOW ParadiseIntroducing “WOW Paradise” This program is currently in Pre launch, and so it’s an ideal time to join, first off when you register for this program you are given a free report to download, and your own affiliate website to promote. This report explains how the system works, effectively you have the option to upgrade and get your own profit pulling website. Here’s what you can expect from your website…. Your website will be jam packed with personal success, lifestyle solutions, hobby, entertainment and how to products.

As a WOW business partner you’ll be issued with a replicated dot com website that’s pack to bursting with desirable niche market products that can make you exceptional one off and repeating profits. Because of the many different ways to make a repeating income, WOW business partners who are enthusiastically active will have the opportunity of making an unlimited residual income. You will even be able to plug your own products or opportunities into your WOW Paradise website!

When a visitor to your website purchases a product that’s exclusive to WOW Paradise you’ll make a 50% commission that’s paid the following Monday. If a visitor buys a third party product you’ll make anything between 25% to 75% commission. Third party commissions will be paid direct to you depending on their terms of payment. You can even sell your own products through your WOW Paradise website.

Your website can be as unique as you make it, with an intuitive theme editing interface.

How Much Is It Going To Cost Me?

Should you wish to help build the WOW Paradise brand as business partner the license fee will be just £1.00 a day. This will get you replicated dot com and dot biz


How Will I Make Money?

There will be many, many ways for you to make money and from many different directions. You’ll be amazed at the amount of products and services that will be

available to your website visitors and contacts. There will also be viral elements embedded in your website so visitors will begin to spread the word about your website. One example will be “WOW Games!” A collection of very addictive games that will have people keep coming back for more.

Also remember you have a dot biz website.

In your back office you’ll find a host of tools that can help you spread the word about WOW Paradise to anyone who you think would like to make some extra money each week. Should someone join us as a business partner (Upgrade) thanks to your referral we’ll pay you a recurring £3.50 per week. Think about that! Just 10 referrals would add £35 a week to your family’s income!

But why stop there? You can refer as many other people as you want. Just 100 would make you a cracking £350.00 a week! The special news is that WOW Paradise pay every Monday!

How will you know when you’re making money?

Well, we want you buzzing with excitement so every time you refer a new business partner we instantly send you an email and a short SMS text alert to let you know.

To get your own WOW insider Report just visit this link, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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The Internet is simply packed with free websites. With a PC and an Internet connection you can access millions of websites for free and yet people very gladly PAY for access to membership only sites. The conservative estimate is that people spent 1.4 BILLION dollars on membership websites last year and that number just keeps going up and up and up.

There are basically two things that you need to consider when choosing the topic of a membership site; (1) Passion about the subject

(2) Level of demand for information about the subject.

Fire Your Passion

Unless you are really passionate about the topic that you choose to construct a membership website around, you are not going to be a happy chappy. Passion can be contagious and it is up to you to be a carrier of that passion about your topic and to infect others with your passion.

But just being passionate about a topic yourself is not enough. The second part of the successful membership website formula is that there must be a large enough demand for information about the topic. The best way to determine the level of demand is to visit the blogs and forums that are dedicated to the topic that you are considering. If you are passionate about the topic and there is a demand for information about the topic, you have the magic formula for building a successful membership website.

Many times eager entrepreneurs will see only the possibility of a nice recurring income and jump into a membership website without thinking it through completely. When you are choosing the topic for a membership website, the ideas are nearly endless but you must choose carefully.

People LOVE membership websites; there probably are as many reasons WHY people love membership websites as there are membership websites. I’m not really all that surprised at the popularity of membership websites. What does surprise me is that there not more membership websites out there on the Internet.

Related Posts; 10 Profitable Membership Ideas

Are membership Sites Worthy of Your Attention

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This is the last instalment of Q & A on Resell Rights ,if you need to check out previous posts in the series they are provided at the bottom of this post.


Resell rights products offer you the ability to sell your own product, without actually creating one. While this gets you past one hurdle, the creation of a product you still have another hurdle to face. How do you market a resell rights product?


The first and best option is to market your product to your mailing list. If you do not have a mailing list, build one. There are various ways to do this, but the quickest way to build a list is to offer a free product, which is advertised with pay-per-click or through other people’s lists. When the prospect arrives at the site to receive their free gift, they must fill in their name and email address, which gives you permission to email them in the future.


Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising can be used for more than list building, you can also use pay-per-click to market your resell rights product. Google AdWords is one of the best pay-per-click programs in existence today, but there are many other options, including Yahoo Search Marketing.


You can also purchase advertising in related newsletters, which are also called ezines. This is a very effective way to market a product, and it is a tried and tested method. You can find quality newsletters by doing searches in the ezine directories online.


Article marketing is also very effective. You simply write articles that relate to your product, or have them written for you, and submit them to the various article banks, allowing others to read them and use them for content for their newsletters and websites, for free. At the bottom of your articles, add a resource box, which is essentially an ‘about the author’ paragraph, which should include a link to your sales page.


You can also joint venture with people who have large mailing lists. Just make sure that their lists are made up of people who will be interested in your product. It doesn’t make sense to market snooker products to a mailing list that is mostly made up of women who are interested in cosmetics.


I hope this miniseries has shed a little light on Resell Rights, as long as you commit yourself to the task then there is no reason why you can’t succeed and make sales.


If you are looking for Resell Rights Products then I would highly recommend that you check out Mike Mazzella’s Resell Rights Wholesaler. Believe me Mike’s offer is the best value you will find anywhere on the web, I signed up last September and could not believe the quantity and quality of the products on offer, suffice to say my hard drive is absolutely busting at the seams. The products on offer range from eBooks, video, audio, scripts and graphics and many come with PLR rights as well as sales materials to promote them, more products are added each month. Mike is currently running a fantastic deal for all new members, $7 per month, this is just a drop in the ocean compared to the value that you receive, and it’s not just any old fluff, you get the latest products that are currently selling for hundreds of dollars.

Parts 1 through 6 on Q & A on Resell Rights

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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DSD (Dropship Design) have lost the plot!

I got the shock of my life when I logged in to my store Tip-TopShop.com to renew my domain name. Without hardly any notice or email they have announced that they are going to charge me £14.99 per month from February. Long story short; the deal was you bought the package with a one off payment, and then the only payment after this was the yearly renewal of the domain name.This is the message that greeted me upon login…..

Starting from December 2008, all members of Dropshipdesign will be subject to a low monthly fee. Now that your account is due for your yearly renewal, you are required to accept the new monthly terms in order to keep your account.

All members will be charged a low monthly fee of £14.99 per period. A period represents a full month starting from the date of your renewal up until the same date of the following month.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your account at any time. Please note that there are no mid-period cancellations. If you cancel your account, it will remain active until the beginning of your next billing period.

As you can imagine I was just a little pissed off, and this is my reply to them….

First off, I am just a little bit astonished at your audacity to charge a monthly fee of £14.99. Your original sales pitch said that the only payment after the initial purchase would be the yearly renewal of my domain name, which if i remember correctly was around £27.00. So now you have decided to slap a monthly payment with practically no warning. I have no choice but to decline this payment and subsequently cancel my relationship with Dropship Design. I dare say you have some small print that gives you the right to change your pricing policy, but I think this is very unfair and will be extremely unpopular with all your members.

I will also be reconsidering my affiliation to your service, I currently promote on several sites, and if I do not see any value for my site visitors then I will pull all of my posts and banners.

Regards, Bill Masson

They do all their communication through their ticketing system, and the only time that they ever email me is when they are selling something or in this case informing me of my impending renewal date, oh and they didn’t mention the price hike in the email. The thing is, if DSD had added some more valuable services like search engine submission for example, then I would have considered paying the increase.  But they didn’t, so unfortunately I think I will have to say ta Ta to DSD. As to date i am awaiting their reply and I will do a mini post to let you know what their reaction was to my reply.

Has anybody else had dealings with Dropship Design, perhaps you could share your thoughts…

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A graphical despiction of a very simple html d...
Image via Wikipedia

This is the second week now in my DIY Newsletter Creation and I have been busy designing my newsletter cover for the blog. The design isn’t quite ready yet so in the meantime let’s carry on and discuss Newsletter Formats. Oh by the way I have decided to go with WWAH Newsletter for The title; I figure the Title is self explanatory, nothing really fancy but it gets the message across. The acronym hopefully will trigger the mind to remember my blog, I can do a survey with my readers and see if they have any ideas or give them a shortlist to choose from, it’s not set in stone YET.

So now on to the next task;

Choosing a format

Plain text, HTML, or PDF; Well first of all I need to know which format is the best for my subscribers if I go for Plain Text then I shouldn’t have much problem with delivery on the other hand full HTML gives a much better visual impact, but the PDF format does have its good points too. Let’s take a look at the first option. I have been looking through the newsletters that I receive in my inbox, some are plain text and others are HTML, personally I prefer the full HTML for visual effect and layout.

So if I was to opt for plain text the advantages are…

Plain Text emails.

Safe and clean delivery, there is less chance of getting captured in the spam folder and you can always give your reader the link to read the full HTML version online. This format is fairly quick and easy to load up on your Autoresponder, no messing about with html. Another point is the fact that nearly all Internet marketers use this format usually because they just don’t have time to mess about with html. This is the format that I am used to getting from other IMs and I have to admit it does the job, being a receiver of many text IMs newsletters I definitely prefer this as opposed to html. Suffice to say that my target audience prefer plain text.

HTML emails

The most obvious advantages for this format is the visual or aesthetic appeal, you can really show off your creative streak, so if you need to include pictures or graphics then this is a good option. The thing to remember with html is the compatibility issues, your newsletter may face problems getting viewed on different user screens or email clients. If you do opt for html then make sure you use the tried and tested formats unless of course you are skilled in html.

PDF emails

Not a format that I would opt for, but for some people this is an ideal format for instance you may be a graphic designer or perhaps you want to release a company newsletter and you want to include profiles. Another good use of PDF newsletters would be for food recipes’ or cookbooks. There is undoubtedly a lot more work involved with reformatting and converting from your PDF software, but it may well be the choice for you. If you need to convert your copy into PDF then you can use Open Office or why not join the Warrior Forum where you can download a free PDF converter.

For me my choice has to be plain text because of my target audience, but I will upload the html version for those that wish to view the newsletter online. It’s always nice to give your subscriber a choice and shows that you care.

Some useful email Guides and Resources

http://www.freenewsletterideas.com/articles/newsletter-producing-software-text.htm (plain text)

Proven Newsletter Templates (for html emails)

PDF newsletter producing software

Jobs to do

Over the next week I will be putting the newsletter together and choosing between ebizresponse and Free AutoBot Autoresponder. I will also finish off my newsletter cover and dig out a Free Bonus incentive for the optin form. I have a couple of options that I can use for my blog, one of which is a plugin that I picked up from the Warrior Forum and looks quite promising, the other is my own ebizresponse form. I will write about this hopefully in the next instalment. Stay Tuned….

Leave a comment and let me know how you have setup your newsletter. Cheers

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You’ve been waiting for a long time and finally its here- an affiliate program that will blow all the others out of the water! Is this a good opening line or what! Well if you are looking for a solution to your affiliate setup and want top advice, tips and training then I suggest you pay close attention to what Russel Brunson has to say.

The already popular “Second Tier” affiliate training center has undergone a complete information and visual makeover.

As an affiliate you’ll get more tools and they’ll be more powerful than ever. This translates directly in to kha-ching!  Here are just a few things that make this affiliate program the most effective affiliate program out there….

  1. Huge commissions on both first AND second tier sales
  2. Product tools for all types of affiliates
  3. Full training center with access hours of video and audio training.
  4. Live affiliate manager blog where you can get your affiliate questions answered.
  5. Weekly live training calls (every Monday morning)

Russell Brunson’s unique philosophy that affiliates should be provided not only with powerful tools but the knowledge to use them and has pushed the Second Tier to the top of competing programs. Russell has taken affiliate training to a whole new level. He understands that he can have hundreds of affiliates that don’t know what they are doing and get decent sales OR he can give them the knowledge and tools they need to create explosive amounts of money AND share with them a very generous portion of the profits from each sale they generate!

Here are just a few of the things that you’ll learn inside of   TheSecondTier:

  • How to choose the right product for you to promote > One of the biggest mistakes that almost all affiliates make when they first start out, is that they try to promote too many things at once. This video will show you exactly how to choose the right one or two products that will make you the most money.
  • How to set up an “Affiliate Squeeze” page - Less than 2% of all affiliates use this powerful technique, but after you implement it into your affiliate promotions, you will see your commissions take off.
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your “Affiliate Squeeze” pages for FREE > Once you learn this simple (and free) concept on how to drive traffic to your “Affiliate Squeeze” page, you will be able to start literally writing your own pay checks.
  • How to build a huge targeted opt-in mailing list > You will learn how easy it is to build an opt-in list, and use that to increase your affiliate commissions EVERY week!
  • How to strategically place “Affiliate Land Mines” and watch your profits EXPLODE! > Follow this one simple strategy and you will start getting checks in the mail every month!
  • How to dominate your Pay Per Click ad campaigns > very powerful if you learn how to do it right. This video will walk you through the process to get high converting PPC ads!
  • How to use tele-seminars to close ten times the clients in half the time > One of the secrets to selling a lot of products as an affiliate quickly is doing tele-seminars. I was nervous when I did my first few, but now I can’t stop because every time I do one, my affiliate checks from that day are anywhere from $2,000 - $15,000 (and it’s a lot easier then you’d think).
  • How to broker JV deals and make a fortune on your 2nd tier > Many of our affiliates earn thousands of dollars each month from the efforts of others. These videos will show you exactly how they find super affiliates to add to their second tier.
  • How to protect your commissions from thieves while increasing your conversions - One of the number one concerns that affiliates have are people stealing their commissions. You will learn the techniques that will protect your links and also guarantee that even the worst thieves will gladly give you their commissions instead of keeping it for themselves.

Russell does not discriminate against less experienced affiliates. In fact, he’s already taken countless numbers of people from knowing zero to being listed among his top affiliates. It is so effective that some people actually pay to sell products for him!

The products Russell puts out are of top quality and always in demand.  In fact, people call his office months before products are ready just begging to know when they can get their hands on them.

Combine this with all the promotional and training tools Russell provides and you’re already half way to making serious affiliate commissions. The other half will be done when you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

TheSecondTier is a free affiliate training centre for those interested in learning how to make money online as an affiliate marketer. You can get your free account today by registering at >>> http://maxhomebits.TheSecondTier.com/

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Part 2

I am still pushing ahead with my own introduction into the Warrior Forum and so far I am very impressed with the new interface. I actually joined around March last year but never got round to using it fully, such a waste. So I am going to make up for lost time and get more active.

Internet forum marketing is the form of marketing where you market your business through online discussion groups. First you join a forum and start adding posts to the discussions. You are though not allowed to advertise or market directly through your posts, this is called spamming.

After registering as a member of the forum you can create your own signature file.

In this signature file you can hyperlink a keyword phrase back to your website, which when clicked can bring on the traffic to your site.

Here are five benefits of forum marketing.

  1. Always remember when you are posting you are helping out someone. It is a great feeling when you are of any help to other people. If you are a believer of the law of when you give you always receive something then online forum marketing is the place for you.
  1. You get to learn a lot for free. When I started my maxhomebits.com website I never felt the urge to post. I only read other people’s posts. I hung out in the Warrior Forum and learned a lot which helped me grow the website.
  1. You’ll get free advertising from your signature profile. People read your posts and view your signature profile and click on the link for your website. This type of traffic is very passive and a great source of sales.
  1. Search engines will give you credit with a backlink when you hyperlink your keyword phrase back to your website. As for example, my work at home website hyperlinks the phrases work at home. So you can rank high in Google because of the backlinking from forum marketing. Try to be regular and post on these forums several times a week. You can try Google search and you will get a large list of forums and discussion groups. Find the few which has any form of relevance with your business.
  1. One other huge benefit I get is that I acquire ideas to write articles on my blog by going through the different kind of questions people ask. A good question usually stimulates a lot of discussion. Such questions can be made into good articles.

So there are several reasons for you to include internet forum marketing to be part of your advertisement strategies. Be consistent and reap the benefits.

If you’re new to forum marketing then you have got to check out this video series from Adeel Chowdhry at http://warriorforumvideos.com/ Adeel does an excellent video tutorial for new Warrior Forum Members that explains everything you need to know, from setting up you profile and signatures to uploading picture albums and tons more.

Next Week: Getting Started with Marketing Forums

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Do you fancy having your Blog advertised in New York City? Well now you can in a very novel way. Just pop over to Ruben Ricart’s blog and check out his wonderful take on advertising, he travels to and from his work using the New York transit system. There are some pretty funny and interesting comments to check out to.

Want to Reach a New York audience?
Show off your company or website to  the people who use the  New York City Transit system everyday and those that walk the city of New York.

How can you make this happen? Send an e-mail to info[@]frusketing[dot]com requesting my mailing address and make sure to follow me on Twitter and simply tweet: “Just entered Trucker Hat Tuesdays Free NYC Advertising. Just follow @RRicart and retweet. http://xr.com/nycads.” and the last thing just Stumble It and Digg it - the “social bookmark button” is below.

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Your chances of catching your site visitor’s attention is greatly increased when you apply a video squeeze page and you can explode your affiliate income in the process. So with this in mind I have checked out this latest offer from Affiliate Power Videos, a very exciting and new joint venture from the top Internet Marketing providers.

For those of you not familiar with Video Squeeze Page…

The term squeeze page is interpreted as part of a long funnel type page designed to entice you with all kinds of claims about the product on offer. If you are like me you will have come across many of these while surfing the Internet. What i have noticed lately is that are more of them now using video in their pitch. With this Affiliate Power Videos program, the squeeze page is short with the emphasis on drawing your attention to the video and of course the opt-in form capture.

When videos started to grow popular on the Internet in the past few of years, the Internet Marketing landscape started to change. Affiliate Marketing was not exempted, either. Most affiliates now use the power of video on YouTube and the many video sites around the Internet. It’s so easy to do now with services that provide all the tools and instructions to get you up and running. Since this is not my thing I started looking for a solution to leverage the obvious advantages of video marketing.

The biggest mistake people tend to make in affiliate marketing is not capturing the opt-in leads first before sending their visitors to the merchant’s website. So what smart marketers often do is have their own Squeeze Page for the visitors to opt into their list, before sending them to the website they are an affiliate for. This is so the affiliate marketer can build his own opt-in list and do his follow-ups later. A few but exceptionally smarter marketers, on the other hand, take this to the next level.

They Implement Video Marketing

You probably notice most top Internet Marketing experts are now using videos on their Squeeze Pages. And smarter affiliates are also doing the same for their own, for one obvious reason: Videos Can Skyrocket Your Traffic And Sales Conversions!

Unfortunately, the problem with video marketing is that to begin with, you have to know how to make your own videos. And even if you could do your own videos, what if you

learn that the affiliate program doesn’t convert well for you?

Affiliate Power Videos remove all these barriers.

This is a sweet deal because at Affiliate Power Videos you get 10 unique and high converting Video Squeeze Pages and then 5 more every month all absolutely free.

So all you have to do is:

Step 1:  Join any or all of the listed affiliate programs (free)

Step 2: Upload the video and squeeze pages to your web host

Step 3: Start driving in traffic, build your opt-in list and rake in affiliate sales!

You might be thinking that this is going to be a costly monthly membership - maybe $97, $197 or even $297 a month. You’re going to be in for a pleasant surprise because this one’s on the house at zero cost! So if you’re like me and don’t have the time or inclination to produce your own marketing video then this is an ideal program to join.

Here’s that link again: Affiliate Power Videos

Sign up for your free Silver membership access now and don’t delay - because I know you could very well have your own string of affiliate video businesses up and running by tonight, with or without any technical experience on your part!

Footnote: If you want to find out how you can maximize your traffic and sales conversions, I really urge you to check out the One Time Offer too right after signing up.

scroll_img_r1_c1 How to explode your affiliate income!
scroll_img_r2_c1 How to explode your affiliate income! scroll_img_r2_c5 How to explode your affiliate income!
scroll_img_r3_c1 How to explode your affiliate income!
scroll_img_r4_c1 How to explode your affiliate income! button How to explode your affiliate income! scroll_img_r4_c4 How to explode your affiliate income!
scroll_img_r5_c1 How to explode your affiliate income!

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Q & A on Resell Rights Part 6

With so many products with resell rights on the market, it’s hard to choose which ones are worth the cost; I get loads of them every day in my inbox. There are, however, ways to find quality products to sell, if you know where and how to look.

First off, look for products that do not have resell rights.  These will typically be the most profitable and new, if there is a market for the product and you know how to market it, simply because there are no resell rights offered doesn’t mean that you can’t profit. The idea is to contact the product author and ask for exclusive resell rights to the product.

Some product authors will say no, and some won’t respond at all - but when a product author does respond and says yes to your offer, you may have found a goldmine. Make sure that you get the agreement in writing and signed before you start marketing the product. Of course you will have to prove to the author that you have the necessary resources to market and sell their product like a sizeable email list and a detailed marketing plan to sway them.

Another great way to find quality products to resell is to join quality resell rights membership sites, such as ResellRightsMastery. You want membership to sites that create the products themselves, or have the products created exclusively for them, as opposed to resell rights sites that simply sell you resell rights packages that they have bought from other sources. Edmund Loh is a well established authority in this area and has different levels of membership, no prizes for guessing that upgraded members get his latest Resell Rights Products.

Some resell rights membership sites, such as ResellRightsMastery, have products created exclusively for their members and offer resell rights packages that were not created exclusively for them, and this is an ideal site. This allows you to find products that are not flooding the market, as well as products that can be used as upsell and backend to compliment each other.

Resell Rights Mastery membership levels

Gold Downloads, Free

Resell Rights, Templates, PLR, Beginner Reseller, Strategies, Membership Bonuses

Elite Artist Club, onetime fee $67.00

PS Action Scripts, Bullets Headers & Templates, PS action script course, Video tutorials, Bonus vault

Platinum Downloads, onetime fee $97.00

Resell Rights, PLR, Autoresponder, Hosting, Exclusive membership Passes, Wealth creation Series

Enterprise Package, Please check for prices

If you are purchasing resell rights for products that you simply come across that offer such rights, remember to do your research first - before making the purchase. Make sure that there is a market. Read the license agreement to make sure that you can market the product effectively. Make sure that you check out the product to ensure that you will be offering your existing or potential customers a quality product as well.

Next and Final week of Resell Rights Q & A

Previous installments: Q & A on Resell Rights 1 2 3 4 5

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Current version (1.02) on this blog

I have used my spare W.P Blog to test the beta version of Flexibility, the header is the blue sky.jpg and I have opted for the retro style search box with the default red glass RSS Icon. I haven’t changed the theme extensively, but have gone through the admin panel and played around with the many editing options, below is my first impressions.

The first thing that I noticed about the theme was the absence of the Home page Feature box, this surprised me, I wasn’t expecting this to be taken away, and I think it should be put back for more options. Inside the control/admin panel the theme editing has been simplified by adding a quick colour changer. The two important changes are to the Theme colour changer which gives you the option to quickly change your themes main colour scheme, has a very simple interface to choose from the popup colour picker, you can then fine tune the colours to your liking further down the control panel. Another new editing piece is the Theme lightness selector that has a simple dropdown menu to choose medium, light or the default dark background, uses fills and gradients, again you can fine tune these options further down the control panel.

There is less need to upload images because the theme is now pre-loaded with various headers, search boxes and RSS Icons, but of course if you want to add any of your own custom images, then you can with ease. Nice touch with the navigation tabs from previous version, on mouse roll over they pop up and down, giving that user friendly feel. You have the option from 5 different styles to choose from.

Blog width controls are set to their widest which is 960px for the total width, yet another useful control, very straight forward, just remember that all the numbers must add up or else your blog will be uneven. The default settings …….600 for post content ….. Left side sub bar …..180 Right sub-sidebar ….140.

The rest of the controls throughout the admin  panel are many and numerous and are the same as the previous version but no less important.

Header Background image has changed for the better, version 2 comes preloaded with up to 17 background images; the blue sky jpg is stunning with the default dark background. A new option offered is the ability to upload your own custom header. You can also add your own blog logo and change the height of your header. The search engine box can also be changed from the header settings and gives you a choice of 11 styles to choose from. As per usual you can edit everything in the header from Font sizes to colour changes, truly Flexible.

Post Style Settings are huge; there is nothing that you cannot change like border, background, fonts, Headings, mouse hover colours and post titles. And all these editing options are available throughout the theme for the likes of Comments, Top sidebar left sub-sidebar settings and footer.

Google Adsense settings are extensive, you can add any size of ad and pretty much place that ad anywhere in your theme from leader board, top right sidebar, left sub-sidebar, top of each post and bottom of each post. You can also have the exact colours of your choice to match up with your theme.

Google analytics can be added by inputting your webmaster ID, this option is less then I would like, it only gives you the option to include Google analytics. The previous version allowed other tracking codes to be added, for instance Yahoo which I added to my present theme. There will be a work round no doubt; hopefully Ryan will include this option again when he releases the new version.

Overall this version is very promising for bloggers and aims to simplify the whole process of editing and importing images above and beyond the preloaded ones. It still retains all the editing options of the previous version but allows you to quickly change the main colour settings. My only reservations are the absence of the Home page Feature box and replacing the analytical code box to include only Google Adsense. It’s still early days yet, and Ryan still has other features to build into the theme but I will be among the first to deploy the theme when it becomes available.

Just a quick footnote; without developers like Ryan it would be a dull place, so if you do use his theme please consider making a donation as I have done to ensure future development. Find out more about Flexibility and the latest updates.

Thanks’ for reading, Please feel free to leave your thoughts

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  • Store all your contacts In one place so you’re just a click away from your WebProsperity opportunity list!
  • Add contacts’ addresses, emails, phone numbers, IM nicknames, even notes!
  • Import, export and update contact information to continually build your downline
  • Reach 100s of internet entrepreneurs anytime, anywhere, by phone or web conference!
  • Meet face-to-face with customers and prospects to build relationships and credibility.
  • Hold high-powered training sessions with interactive screen sharing and whiteboarding.
  • FAQ

WebProsperity Pre-Launch!

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