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Dates from Friday February 20th 2009 To Sunday March 15th 2009

This is a quick Post to remind you of one of the best Graphic Packages that I’ve seen on the web for a long time. Let’s face it we all need graphics to spruce up our Blog’s and websites. Whether it’s for catchy opt-in forms to build your list, or header graphics for your niche sites this Giveaway has them all under one roof. So if you’re interested in grabbing yourself enough graphics to keep you going for years to come then check it out.

Once you sign up you will be offered an OTO (One time Offer) but if you’re not interested then just scroll on down to the bottom of the page and click no Thanks, You may well get another reduced price offer but again if you don’t want it then just click No Thanks. These offers are excellent value so at least give them a read and make your own mind up.

Happy Days!

Currently, 58 Marketers Are Giving Away Over $3074.00 Worth Of Graphics Software And Programs for FREE - With Absolutely No Catch!

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Issues with Disqus

This is the Disqus commenting system at work, I just recieved this comment reply by email from another Disqus member who replied to my comment, so I thought I would post it from the Disqus admin. It seems to work okay and its a great way to extend the thread. I will still hold off until I can resolve the missing comments issues. Hi there, First of all Thanks for including my link in your Zementa list, I have decided to put the Disqus system on hold, primarily because of the loss of my comments. I can only assume that there is a clash with one of my other plugins, any how I have a pretty good setup for my comments and as the old saying goes if it aint broke don't fix it. The programmer over at Disqus gave me the usual first option and ran me through the import option which i already did, I guess the only way to narrow it down is to disable all 40 plus plugins to find the culprit. Continue reading
Private Niche Empire will be launching on Monday, March 2, 2009. If you have ever been interested in starting your own online business, this might be the product for you. I think it is especially good for people that don't have a lot of online marketing experience. PNE was created by the designer of Article Explosion, Ellery Coleman. Mr. Coleman has done very well with Article Explosion, and this is a more refined and more complete extension of that program. With Private Niche Empire, members will receive 10 new niche sites monthly. These are information type sites, complete with unique content and monetized with AdSense and products from ClickBank and Amazon. Continue reading

Do Businesses Trust Their Employees

I'm all for employers embracing this notion of having their employees work from home, but safeguards need to be setup and boundaries set. With all the available technologies that we have nowadays for sure a work scheme can be set up in order that the employees could be monitored to keep track of their productiveness. Both parties have to give concessions and allow for certain safeguards to be implemented. There's a long way to go but if employers can arrange a suitable agreed working system that both parties agree to it will have lasting beneficial benefits for everyone concerned not to mention drastically cutting back on pollution. Continue reading

Bring in adequate income to abandon your day job

What a terrifying statistic LESS THAN 1% it's kinda hard to believe don't you think? But with statistics like that it's no wonder that a lot of bloggers who originally started a blog to generate an income give up. The sad truth is that not everyone is cut out for this type of income generation. You could draw the same parallels with the real world of business, because if you're going to start a business whatever it is, you acknowledge you have competition, and this isn't any more dissimilar in the online world of blogging. Continue reading | 11 Comments
Too many posts to handle? If you missed out on a great post from last month, here's a quick digest of the top posts that you may want to check out:
  • Buying limited Distribution Content is Key
    Posted on Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 in learn - Comments: (1)
    How often have you purchased PLR for your blog? And do you understand that you are not the only person that has purchased that particular PLR pack (Ok I'm guessing that you do). This PLR option is extremely cost effective but the pitfalls are glaringly obvious, Duplicate Content. So if you are purchasing PLR packs then it's a good idea to find quality content that has a limited distribution to keep the value of the material intact.
  • Changing

Network with Web Work At Home on Technorati

For those that are not aware what Technorati stands for then here's a quick crash course; Technorati is first of all for bloggers, but that doesn't mean you have to own a blog to reap the benefits that Technorati offers. It's a blog search engine and content aggregator which also includes social networking and ranking elements. Most bloggers usually sign up to show off their Technorati badge on their blog which can be in a widget form or authority count badge. I guess what every blogger wants' to achieve is a top 100 listing for Technorati blogs which in turn brings many benefits, the main one being traffic. Continue reading | 5 Comments

Changing over to Disqus Comment System

I must admit I do have reservations about changing over especially since I already have an excellent commenting structure already setup. But because I use the social networks quite a lot in my business I thought it prudent to bring these networks onto Web-Work At Home. The networks that integrate with Disqus are FaceBook, FriendFeed, Twitter, Delicious all of which I use, also included are Flickr, Linkedin and Tumblr which I don't use at the moment. Continue reading | 4 Comments is rolling out a new interface is rolling out a new interface for its social bookmarking Icon, that little green icon with the pointy antennas that you may well have come across on numerous occasions. Instated of three tabs it has a row of send links at the top and a scrolling interface to find your preferred bookmarking site. Also it has a save to sharebox if you want to read any particular post later. It's expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Independent Internet-age freelancers

A lot of people who are thinking of giving up their full time job to work at home are doing just that! "Thinking about it". Many people from different backgrounds and locations have taken the plunge and committed themselves to earning a full time salary from home. I can understand why a lot of people are reluctant to go ahead what with all the economic uncertainties, pretty much every day you hear of another big company who has cut the working week. Being innovative and flexible are qualities that you need in this ever changing landscape. Who knows where we'll be this time next month or next year, the time to act is right now to protect yourself and your family. Continue reading

G-Lock Double Opt In for your Blog Newsletter

So it was a pleasant surprise when I came across the G-Lock Double Opt-In Manager plugin which you can see on my sidebar. Although early days yet the plugin is behaving and is working just fine, it does a great job of organizing your list from the convenience of your WordPress admin. Of course as the plugin name suggests it handles your subscribers by using the widely used double opt-in protocol, which in turn gives your subscriber peace of mind. The only negative I would draw your attention to, is initially setting up your mail delivery settings in the general settings tab. You have two choices; either use the default mail setting or use the custom SMTP setting, after a little confusion I opted for the default setting. Continue reading | 1 Comment

Buying limited Distribution Content is Key

How often have you purchased PLR for your blog? And do you understand that you are not the only person that has purchased that particular PLR pack (Ok I'm guessing that you do). This PLR option is extremely cost effective but the pitfalls are glaringly obvious, Duplicate Content. So if you are purchasing PLR packs then it's a good idea to find quality content that has a limited distribution to keep the value of the material intact. Continue reading | 1 Comment

Simple ways to increase your traffic

Getting traffic to your blog or website is without doubt the most important task that you can do for your websites. When I got an e-mail from Leads Leap on this subject I quickly clicked through to join the discussion. Kenneth Loh, the site owner was explaining to his readers that you can implement a very easy tactic to increase your traffic. It comes as no surprise that this tactic is often ignored by many bloggers and it is a very easy strategy to include on your blog. Continue reading | 2 Comments
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