Directory Submitter Review

We all want to increase our serps or our PageRank and there are many ways to go about this, today I want to focus on Directory Submit Software. This type of application can be used on your desktop and is very useful for keeping a record of your progress. I recently downloaded Directory Submitter because I wanted to check it out and see if it was any use. This is one of many scripts that I got from Mike Mazzella over at Resell Rights Wholesaler website.

Pre loaded

The software comes preloaded with over 3000 directories and has a straight forward interface that allows you to input your Blog or Website details. Once you have entered all of your information the system then automatically insert’s it into the forms of each directory that you visit. The browser allows you to open 10 tabs at a time and logs each entry that you make. Check the screen shot below…

You will notice from the screen shot above which is a full screenshot on my desktop that you have all your directory listings on the right hand side, the highest Page Rank at the top. You can filter out or delete those that are unsuitable, what I did find is that not all of the directories are suitable for my blog Web-WorkAtHome because some of them either restrict entry due to local submissions or they are photo or video blog submissions only. What you have to bear in mind when submitting your site to some directories is that you have certain percentages that are premium. Also you will find that a lot of the free directories require a reciprocal link.

The conclusion of this software directory application for me, there is no such thing as an easy automatic setup. This software does help you to organize and submit your websites, but like any submission process it takes time. The software does input your details automatically when it can but you do come across a lot of instances where you have to navigate and pick your category and more.

Is it worth buying?

It depends on your situation, it’s a lot easier to pay someone to submit your site and receive all your confirmation stats. On average you will pay around $100 for 2000 submissions, checkout SEO-Wordsmith. If I had the choice I would use SEO-Wordsmith. There is no doubt that directory submissions are important for your SEO and will increase your PR. Useful thing to bear in mind when submitting; chop and change your Meta details for every 50 submissions; this is a good strategy to follow for your SEO.

Resources for Directory Submitter:

Video Tutorials you can watch right now by [Clicking Here]

You can download a Demo Version Here Not an affiliate link


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