Cash4Gold ScamCash4Gold Scam USA

We’ve all seen them -the flashy “Cash4Gold”commercials,at times they feature people on the street dancing,or at other times,M.C. Hammer promising fast cash in turn for your old,unused jewelry. Although human nature makes us want to unconditionally trust the dancing person or even with his track record,M.C. Hammer,it turns out that Cash4Gold may not in fact be too legit to quit.

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Protect yourself against Identity TheftProtect yourself against Identity Theft

You hear about it all the time through media sources about the latest victim of identity theft,people caught out with the promise of winning big. For most of us thankfully this type of fraud is a rare occurrence,but the fraudsters are getting ever more sophisticated. We have all heard of the Nigerian scams,and it’s not just isolated cases here and there,there is a constant concerted attack on our privacy every day. There are gangs and criminal organisations worldwide that specialise in duping the unsuspecting individual,its big business believe me;and fund all types of

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FaceBook Scam keeps resurfacing

This is just a quick reminder to be on your guard from the online scammers that abound on the web. The reminder came through my email box from Bev Clement who I subscribe to;there are no limits or lengths to what these scammers will do to get their hands on your money. FaceBook has recently been named as one of the more susceptible social networks at the moment for attracting scam artists.

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Scam Alert !!!!!

I just wanted to alert anybody who has had this latest scam email dropped in to their inbox,just in case you havent read up on it. The following post is from …

Yippee everyone,its finally here! Ripoffgu….sorry,“freeadguru”Stephan Ducharme -you know him,he’s the man with just about the worst reputation on the internet -has his new amazing site up and running -Software -Free traffic -Free MLM Leads right from the get-go its as he promises free leads which turn out to

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Are you being Scammed by a legitimate supplier?

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News for people that are trading through eBay or have their own online store;

Spot That Scam !

Results 1 -10 of about 550,000 for wholesale dropshippers . (0.09 seconds)

There is a new trick scammers are using to get you to part with your hard earned money. They first create accounts on numerous wholesale trade directories and chat boards,claiming to be employed by a supplier you know to be legitimate. They then impersonate that company until they drive you into making a deal with them.  Do the portals that receive the scammers’advertising

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How you can avoid home business scams

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By Lars Hanning

If you’re thinking of working from home you have to realize that at least 99% of the offers out there are scams. Now if it was really so easy to pay a few dollars and make thousands,wouldn’t everyone be doing it by now? Here are the biggest scams out there,how to recognize them,and how to avoid them.

First where did you see the “Big Money”work from home offer? If you received it in your email,saw a poster tacked to a bulletin board or one of those little signs on

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Traffic Secrets -Secrets of the Guaranteed Traffic Companies Exposed

By Josh Walsh

Our Story

A few years ago,we were struggling to drive traffic to one of our websites. We were immediately overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and skill it took to successfully drive traffic to our site. We had assumed that if we created a site that was worth seeing,it would be seen. We could not have been more wrong.

We ran into a number of companies who offered to take over this daunting task for us. We decided to try out a number of them to see how our competition stacks up.

They offered

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