Q & A on Resell Rights Part 6

With so many products with resell rights on the market, it’s hard to choose which ones are worth the cost; I get loads of them every day in my inbox. There are, however, ways to find quality products to sell, if you know where and how to look.

First off, look for products that do not have resell rights.  These will typically be the most profitable and new, if there is a market for the product and you know how to market it, simply because there are no resell rights offered doesn’t mean that you can’t profit. The idea is to contact the product author and ask for exclusive resell rights to the product.

Some product authors will say no, and some won’t respond at all - but when a product author does respond and says yes to your offer, you may have found a goldmine. Make sure that you get the agreement in writing and signed before you start marketing the product. Of course you will have to prove to the author that you have the necessary resources to market and sell their product like a sizeable email list and a detailed marketing plan to sway them.

Another great way to find quality products to resell is to join quality resell rights membership sites, such as ResellRightsMastery. You want membership to sites that create the products themselves, or have the products created exclusively for them, as opposed to resell rights sites that simply sell you resell rights packages that they have bought from other sources. Edmund Loh is a well established authority in this area and has different levels of membership, no prizes for guessing that upgraded members get his latest Resell Rights Products.

Some resell rights membership sites, such as ResellRightsMastery, have products created exclusively for their members and offer resell rights packages that were not created exclusively for them, and this is an ideal site. This allows you to find products that are not flooding the market, as well as products that can be used as upsell and backend to compliment each other.

Resell Rights Mastery membership levels

Gold Downloads, Free

Resell Rights, Templates, PLR, Beginner Reseller, Strategies, Membership Bonuses

Elite Artist Club, onetime fee $67.00

PS Action Scripts, Bullets Headers & Templates, PS action script course, Video tutorials, Bonus vault

Platinum Downloads, onetime fee $97.00

Resell Rights, PLR, Autoresponder, Hosting, Exclusive membership Passes, Wealth creation Series

Enterprise Package, Please check for prices

If you are purchasing resell rights for products that you simply come across that offer such rights, remember to do your research first - before making the purchase. Make sure that there is a market. Read the license agreement to make sure that you can market the product effectively. Make sure that you check out the product to ensure that you will be offering your existing or potential customers a quality product as well.

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