Why I want to sell my Online Shopping Mall

Today I want to discuss online shopping malls with all their good points and their not so good points. I’m sure anybody who has an active interest in making some money online has at one time thought about having their own online shopping mall, and for those of you who already have an online shopping mall, well! how are you doing with it? Doubtless there are countless online turnkey shopping malls on the web some of which are better consigned to the dustbin and some which are let’s say a bit more professional looking. So I have been busy checking out the ins and outs of online shopping malls and all that it entails.

In my view you get what you pay for, unless you are technically gifted or you have money to throw at it, then believe me you will struggle. Type in “online shopping malls” at Google, and at the time of writing this article it returned over 5,000,000 hits. So you now know that you have some serious competition. My own experience with online shopping malls is fairly short and not to successful, I opted to sign up to DSD which is a US based Dropshiping company, they supply your products and also set up your online shopping mall with limited work on your own part. (Or so I thought)

Once you have signed up and handed over your dosh, you think to yourself well that’s it then, just sit back and watch the money roll in, oh dear! Well okay you probably guessed that there is a bit more work involved and your right there is. The thing is you get the impression from the sales pitch that just about everything is taken care of, NOT THE CASE, for a start you will need to promote and advertise your shopping mall. This is hard work if you want to be successful.

Here is a comprehensive list of possible tactics you can try to generate traffic to your site. Not all these will be suitable for everyone some will depend on your budget and business plan. You need to pick and choose the right options for your store from this list.
·    Pay per click
·    Article marketing
·    Newsletter
·   Auto responders
·    Word of mouth
·   Joint ventures / strategic partnerships
·    Talks to groups
·    Participation in online forums / discussion groups
·    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
·    Free for all link pages?
·    Pay per click advertising
·    Banner advertising and banner exchange programs
·   Reciprocal linking
·    Shopping comparison sites
·   Bundled products
·    Free gift with purchase
·    Regular newsletter
·    Helpful content on your website
·    Companion blog for your website
·    Offline advertising and promotion

Quite a few options to think about, this is why I have just about given up, there is so much promotion work involved and I simply do not have the time to do it justice. So I am open to any offers to take on my shopping mall @ www.tip-topshop.com, bear in mind this shop only delivers to the UK if you want to sell to the US you will have to upgrade(£29 approx) in my view it’s a must, the US market is huge!
The site has its own control panel where you can configure all the ads and change the template and loads more besides.

The total cost to myself at the time of purchase was £100, and costs around £25 a year for hosting. So you could make yourself a nice little saving, as I say I am open to offers, the current hosting is still good for about 5 months.

If you are interested then contact me through maxhomebits.com Leave a comment and let me know about your experiences and any help or advice, before i consign my store to the great cyberspace in the sky!

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  • Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  • Bill Masson

    Well ta very much Matt, The shopping mall has a page rank of 2/10 and around 2mil on Alexa, but i know it would be a lot better if i actualy put some more work into it, even my link page is pretty sparce when i could sign up to some link partners, i will keep at it, but i am streched with other projects at the moment.

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