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We make use of them every day for our WordPress sites that is of course SEO plugins which is probably the most important plugin of them all, but which one serves you the best? There are plenty available to download from I myself have tried three different core SEO plugins with mixed returns, in this article I will concentrate on just one called SEO Ultimate. Its worth noting that any plugin that gets released is only as good as its developer and if that developer doesn’t keep up with code upgrades then the plugin becomes a liability. So before you start using the next plugin make sure it has a good track record and is updated on a regular basis. So on to SEO Ultimate…

SEO Ultimate

First off a bit about the developer, developed by SEO professionals for WordPress users, these guys at SEO Design Solutions really know their stuff. You only need to visit their website to see that, they publish SEO articles regularly and offer a full range of SEO services and consulting. You can read more about them here.

SEO Ultimate is probably best described as a diversified and extremely powerful suite of search engine optimization tools that gives you a multitude of research options for any keyword or keyword phrase.

*SEO Ultimate highlights* all from inside your WordPress Admin

Competition Researcher: The Competition Researcher provides you with easy access to various search engine tools which you can use to research multiple search queries or URLs.

Deeplink Juggernaut: The Content Links section of Deeplink Juggernaut lets you automatically link a certain word or phrase in your post/page content to a URL you specify. You can see evidence of Deeplink Juggernaut right here in this article and throughout Web-Work At Home

Internal Relevance Researcher: Internal Relevance Researcher lets you determine which of your webpages Google most strongly associates with the keywords you specify. You can ascertain this by observing which of your pages rank the highest for each keyword. You can then use this information to determine ideal targets for incoming links or ideal sources of outgoing links.

Linkbox Inserter: Linkboxes contain HTML code that visitors can use to link to your site. This is a great way to encourage SEO-beneficial linking activity.

Rich Snippet Creator: Rich Snippet Creator enhances the search engine results for your content by asking Google to add extra, eye-catching info that could help draw in more search engine visitors.

SEO Design Solutions Whitepapers: search engine optimization articles are loaded from the website of SEO Design Solutions website, the company behind the SEO Ultimate plugin, A Great way to keep up with SEO.

SEO Ultimate Sidebar Navigation

This is indeed a very powerful SEO plugin with a full suite of research tools and a whole lot more. It takes over the tasks of other plugins like “Clean slugs”,” Robot” Meta, “Share This” and enhances the core WordPress Canonicalizer. It allows you to sculpt and manipulate every key SEO task for your WordPress site.

Remember there are many SEO plugins that do only one specific task which can be either building your sitemap or rewriting titles and a whole lot more. I find that it’s best to keep all your SEO options in one plugin or at least as much as possible.

SEO Ultimate WordPress plugin Tutorial (6:15)

2 comments to SEO Ultimate Multi tasking WordPress plugin

  • It’s my first time hearing about this wp plugin, and it’s different from all-in-one SEO plugin. I can really say that this is really good and useful (particularly with the research function), just from seeing your review Bill. I’ve seen how SEO Design Solutions worked and I was also lucky to have a chat with Jeff Smith (founder) before through email, that’s why I can assure that it’s first-rate.

    Jason Acidre
    kaiserthesage´s last blog ..Get Indexed Fast – SEO Big Guns For the New OnesMy ComLuv Profile

  • This looks like a great plug in, there are so many tools offered and it looks very helpful for SEO purposes. Thanks for sharing this plug in with us, I never heard of it before.

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