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Can SEOPressor Help You Automate Your SEO Efforts?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is one of the most vital skills you will need to develop if you want to make a go of internet marketing. The entire goal of SEO is to enable your website to “make friends” with all of the search engines so that your site raises in their ranks and that they will have an easier time of sending visitors to you so that you can make more sales. Truly mastering the art of SEO is a time consuming and frustrating process. What if there was an easier way for you to learn SEO from your own website? What if there was a way for your own site to let you know what you needed to do to make it more SEO friendly? This is why Daniel Tan invented the SEOPressor, the latest and very popular SEO plug-in for WordPress.

People who purchase SEOPressor are given all the help they need through the product’s impressive support set up. You are able to talk to SEOPressor’s creator, Daniel Tan, when you have a question. He is usually prompt in addressing all issues related to SEOPressor. This means that, if you are having problems with the plug-in, you can simply contact him and you’ll get a response. It’s not common to get such help from the developer of a product. You can also get help from other people who use the plug-in. You won’t have any trouble getting replies if you post a question about SEOPressor on any well trafficked internet marketing forum.

The good news is that, with the upgrades that have recently been done on WordPress, this plug-in is easy to install. Installing it and getting it working only takes a couple of minutes.

It’s difficult to find a straight answer on the pricing of this particular plug-in. On one site, the cost of the plug-in is thirty seven dollars. However, this price only buys you a single license for a single site. When we searched for multiple-site licenses the only price we could get was $84. You have to pay the $37 first and then, if you want the plug-in on more than one site you’ll pay another $47 to upgrade your license. This means you pay $84. We don’t know how well the licenses are monitored but it is definitely better to err on the side of caution and make sure that everything is legal and legitimate. Still, that seems like a lot of money to pay for a single plug-in.

We decided to take it for a little bit of a test drive and find out. So here is our summary of the SEOPressor WordPress plug-in. If you want to optimize your site in many diverse ways, SEOPressor can be very useful. It gives you some helpful ways to make good use of your keywords, though you still have to come up with these yourself. It helps you insert keywords into things like alternate text for images, titles, etc. While using completely ethical methods, your site can rank better by using your keywords in such diverse ways. Sometimes when you try to increase keyword density you end up with written content that doesn’t read well, but when you use alternate text for images you avoid this issue.

You get lots of features in the back end of SEOPressor. If you want to add certain keywords to your content, you can easily do this. It is where you control the look and feel of your keywords and affiliate links. Once you get the feel of the system, it’s rather straightforward to operate. The system is mostly self explanatory and it’s just a matter of getting used to it. At the same time, just because you can do whatever you want with this plug-in doesn’t mean you should overdo it, as this can cause problems for your site with the search engines. If you aren’t sure about the best way to use your keywords for SEO, this plug-in will be very useful because it looks at your present usage and tells you how it could be improved. It takes a while to get the hang of how best to place your keywords and how often to use them. With SEOPressor, you simply tell it which posts to analyze and it will make suggestions for better optimization. The plug-in will actually be giving you SEO lessons as it points out how to make improvements. Of course, if you already know a fair amount about SEO you might find this feature redundant.

There are all sorts of ways to improve the SEO on your websites. If you use WordPress there are a few different ways to implement SEO through plug-ins. WordPress plug-ins that are free or cheaper than SEOPressor generally don’t have nearly as many capabilities, so if you are looking for something that can cover a large scope of SEO tasks, this might be for you. SEOPressor is recommended to people who want to optimize their WordPress sites and automate this as much as possible.

Automate your SEO

For all those WordPress auto bloggers out there SEOPressor is an ideal plugin because it takes out all the process of manually optimizing your articles, a significant improvement if you have hundreds of auto blogs. Just set it once and your done!

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