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I’m sure you can understand this. There is no fun in building a website or blog if know one ever visits your site. It can be quite a sad thing to see zero visitors on your stats when you check in to your web hosting account. What happened? You were told that if you create a site and load it to the web you would soon get customers. Sorry that no one explained to you that it is not that easy.

No big secret here why your site has not generated any traffic. First of all no body knows your site exist. You can’t just expect your site to end up one page one of search engine results as soon as your site goes live. You still have work to do if you want your site to get traffic. Things like getting backlinks to your website, SEO, advertising, word of mouth and so on. It is no different in opening up a brick and mortar building. You need to let people know that you our out there and ready to do business. No need for you to spend all our money in order to make this happen but you have to do something.

Start by submitting your site to popular directories. This can be a valuable link to your site. Then write a few articles and submit them to article directories. After that sign up for a few social media sites and start particating. If you have a product or service to sell then use pay per click advertising to target the customer you want. You can start with a small budget and test different ads out.

Just because you have a website does not mean that you can’t boost traffic offline. Most stores will let you post up flyers about your site. Just ask to make sure first. Call up everybody you know, both friends and family in town and out of town, and tell them to check out your site and ask them to tell their friends to do the same. Take out a few ads on some local magazines and newspapers. Get some business cards and pass them out. Print out some t-shirts with your website name on it. Ways to boost traffic to your site are almost endless. You do not have to do everything but you must do something if you want visitors.

Before the web had matured it was real easy to get traffic to your website. You did not have that much competition. Now there are hundreds of millions maybe even billions of site out there and you have to do something to make your site stand out from all the rest. To have an even better chance at getting traffic you need to create a niche website. A site that is highly targeted to a certain topic is more likely to be found on search results. If you build a site about cars you will get better results if you pick a subject like, “repairing fuel injected cars”, for example. I think you get the idea. Pick just one small part then build around it later as you gain traffic.

So there you have it. Your work is not done after you create your website. There is still work to do. You need to get the word out as much as possible if your want to see that big fat zero disappear on your stats counter.

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