Before I start let me first inform everyone that my Twitter user name has changed, I thought this prudent to do, so instead of maxhomebits my old twitter user name, I have now changed this to Bill_Masson so the full URL is

Now on to the latest news from is rolling out a new interface for its social bookmarking Icon, that little green icon with the pointy antennas that you may well have come across on numerous occasions. Instead of three tabs it has a row of send links at the top and a scrolling interface to find your preferred bookmarking site. Also it has a save to sharebox if you want to read any particular post later. It’s expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

ShareThis Widget 2.0 from Dave Donohue on Vimeo
Why not check it out for yourselves; it is a handy way for you to build up your surfing library.

Look out for Twitter’s new Interactive Search application! Coming Soon

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