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Who wants to snap up 2.7 million+ page views per month?

Offer Letter from Jonathan Leger

OffTo . net is my very popular f.ree link cloaking site, and I’ve
decided to sell it in order to fund some other bigger projects
I’m working on.

Here are some stats about the site:

2.7 million+ page views in July.

6,200+ verified opt-ins on the email list (grows daily).

100,000+ cloaked links.

13,282,000+ click-throughs tracked.

150-200 new cloaked links added per day.

Ranked #2 in Google for “free link cloaker” and #4 for “link cloaker”.

If I get a solid enough offer I am willing to part with the site,
but it needs to be a solid offer — this site is very valuable.
The email list alone can instantly create a successful business.

You will need a dedicated server to support the resource needs of
the site, so keep that in mind.

Please submit all offers and questions about the site to me via
the “Suggestions. Feedback and JV Offers” department of my help desk:

I will consider all serious offers.

Jonathan Leger

Is this worth your time to get your wallets out and start bidding? It will be interesting to see the final price paid. What do you reckon the final price will be?

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