Social Attraction Beats The Blues

Social attraction marketing
I want to take a closer look at the Social Attraction or Interaction marketing which is one of the best free ways to promote your business online.
Each social networking site has their own rules and regulations as to what type of promotions are allowed and you would be wise to get to know these before attempting to promote your products or services using these forums. Some social network sites allow more promotion than others. You can also mix it up by including your tweets, RSS Feeds or bookmarks to link up with your profile on many networks.

My own preferences
My own experience with social networks thus far have been hot and cold, so after a bit of experimenting I have settled down to a core group of networks to concentrate on, which include twitter, delicious, MyBlogLog, and FaceBook. It’s so easy to get caught up in joining too many networks and limiting your effectiveness. I was using StumbleUpon for a while but got busted for breaking their T.O.S which I have written about in a previous post. So with StumbleUpon I have created another profile which I will grow organically other words take my time with it and explore in more careful detail.

Since I changed my bio at twitter I have had a marked increase in responses with likeminded people. I mostly use twitter to inform about my latest post through twitter feed, but every now and again I get sucked into a good conversation thread that leads me all over the web and is very infectious. You can get some great insights and breaking news if you follow the right links. You can also cooperate with each other and swap reviews and help each other out by bookmarking decent content.  I’ve also tried to avoid the temptation to post daft tweets, like: - I’m trying out some new boxers or I’m off out to do the shopping with my pink umbrella. (-:
Checkout this post 20 Twitter Tips to Make You a Better Twitter User By Jacob Morgan

I find Delicious to be my main review network and bookmarking tool, this is great for integrating into your blog posts in a variety of ways; for instance you can set up your delicious bookmarks to post to your blog in any timescale that you choose from Delicious. Another way that I find very useful is using comments that I put on other blogs or articles that get my interests piqued, I then bookmark these comments with Delicious and spread my views to a more targeted audience. If you think about it “giving sensible reviews with relevancy and value, people are more likely to take you seriously”

MyBlogLog (Hotlist & MaxHomeBits)
What I like about MyBlogLog is their fairly relaxed rules about inclusions and they allow you to submit web sites as well as blogs. As with many other social networks you can include many feeds to your profile. I do find that there are a lot of people just doing the rounds and clicking add contact or community without really exploring the blog or the person behind it. If you put a little effort into networking properly and connecting you will find many willing bloggers to trade links and ideas with, I have often come across a good affiliate program or source of marketing materiel to promote or to learn by.


This network is huge as we all know; you can quite easily get lost in amongst all the different applications and groups that use the many resources available. It’s very easy to network and I am building all the time, you can integrate your tweets, delicious bookmarks and your blogs feeds to name but just a few. I find FaceBook to be all you really need if you want to interact with your family and friends. I would definitely rate FaceBook as the best place to market your business whether it’s online or offline. Matt Garret does a great video about adding your blog to the Blog Network on FaceBook, useful if you want to increase exposure to your blog.

So that’s just a glimpse at my social networking travels, I still explore other networks and link up to Blog directories like Technorati ect. But I reckon you could probably earn a decent living just by promoting through FaceBook on its own. Feel free to join with me on one of my networks and I will return the favour.
Let me know how you do your social networking and leave a comment, Thanks’ for reading

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2 comments to Social Attraction Beats The Blues

  • Susan

    Digg is still one of my favorites.

    Susans last blog post..Oceanside Beaches

  • MaxNo Gravatar

    @Susan, Digg is a great network, but i find it is very hard to get into, i guess i will have to find some ground breaking news to get a digg. (-:
    From a marketers point of view it’s probably a better idea to check out bookmarking networks like Sphinn to target interested groups.

    Thanks’ for your comment

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