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Social Media – Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social media, Is there anything it can’t do? You can connect with old friends. You can meet new friends. You can look at photos of friends of friends. You can search for friends you don’t have yet. You can even look at the goings-on in the life of your former coworkers when you used to work outside the home. But a couple of years and kids later, you find yourself as a budding entrepreneur, devising elaborate plans for how you can have your cake and eat it too.

You’ve got a product to sell and need a market in which to sell it, all while staying home with your children.

Did you know that social media networks like FaceBook can help you to promote and market your product with a little know-how and the right niche?

Marketing on social media networks like FaceBook can make your product globally almost instantly. You can become part of the social media scene as an entrepreneur almost instantly when you advertise on it.

This may be as simple as creating a page for your businesses with a low level of security so that everyone is able to view your information. Post pictures of your products and show clear ways to get in touch with your company.

Once you start collecting friends, friends of friends and friends of those friends, they will be exposed to your page and product. Your visibility explodes exponentially in a very short time; the power of going viral is truly amazing.

Paid advertising helps you target your market a little more explicitly. You can choose your age and location market, as well as a price point for your advertising budget.

Going Mobile

Your global exposure for your product doesn’t stop with social media networks. Consider making your marketing mobile where you can advertise on mobile devices such as the iPhone. There are several marketing savvy techniques for going global on this type of device.

Developing a free iPhone app for promotional giveaways is a great idea to get your product out there and work at home at the same time.


There are social media marketing tips and tricks for advertising your business at the turn of every corner. It is possible to live the new American dream: to be your own boss, sell your product globally and do it all from the comfort of your own home. Expanding into Mobile technology is a fabulous way to realize your dreams. With the right marketing niche and thorough research you WILL be successful.

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